Sister Backs! (✿◕ ‿ ◕✿)


My sis just came back from uh… I don’t know haha

She bought me stuffs and I’ve robbed looted m&m’s pretzel (*`▽´*)

m&m's Pretzel

The m&m’s pretzel tastes crunchy, sweet and salty

Nice (≧ω≦)b

She gave me m&m’s Lipsmacker

m&m's Lipsmacker

But I haven’t try it yet (・x・。)   Homaikot! I just realized, it is not a chocolate!!

It is a milk chocolate flavored lip gloss.

Next, zoe&zac naturals eye and lip palette.

I love the lip palette♥♥♥ It makes my lips looks kissable

Natural right? 🙂

She also bought me I  NY T-shirt!

I ♥ NY

Ignore my messy room haha. I’ll clean it up by tomorrow (・o・)ゝ!!

My sister also bought me a phone strap from Japan but I forgot to take a photo of it \(;゚∇゚)/☆

Today, I’ve tried bridal look tutorial by BubzBeauty .

It looks cute and natural :3

She looks soooo pretty in this photo!

I don’t use mascara or fake eyelashes ( ̄ω ̄=)ノ”

Nice, right? Heh.. (〃⌒∇⌒)ゞ

That’s all for today!




Love and Peace,



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