Kyan!me 2011

Kyan!me 2011 @ The Hills Shopping Mall (upper ground floor)

June 10-13 @ 10:00am – 10:00pm

I didn’t join the activities for Kyan!me this year >_<

It is because they are not as interesting as last year’s

I wanna join Anime Race but argh!! (T△T)

had a CLASH with the DotA tournament @ lower ground floor =(

Kyan!me Stage

When I reached there, I took photos with my laptop’s webcam ( ・∇・)

First day w/ Michelle

Dog, Cat & Girl ^.^

I actually tried to curl my hair myself but failed. Hah.

Second dayyyy as Amane Misa from Death Noteψ(*`ー´)ψ 

My friend, Ai Lee's Rilakkuma >3<

Hatsune Miku (Kimikki) & Me ❤ ❤

With cat and dog again. Nyan!

With Yui from Angel Beats! (Sabah Cosplayer)

My Laptop *Rilakkuma*

Third day…


It was tiring and fun~

See you next year!



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