Feel Good Challenge Day 4

Day 4: Memories that you’ll never forget

Hmm… My first kiss?


Some fun DotA experience with friends

and more!!  ♥♥♥


Sohai Panda!

My classmates and I used to say “sohai” <<(bad word!

Then we’ll use that panda to nod it’s head and say “sohai

My mom bought this panda for me when she went to a trip to China

Enter, Wasabi & Mameshiba

See that cute pink dog-alike bean?

It is a mameshiba!

It has a button behind and when u press it, it will say “I love you” 3 times

Cute, right?

We hate English class!

Yeah, the teacher is boring

So my friend always press the button behind of the mameshiba *idk why*

It was loud because my friend put the mameshiba in her palm

And she put like… Uh…

Put her hands together

Then the sound accumulate so it will become louder

Kinda lame? But it was fun haha

Because you are not there >D




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