Love Ice

Newly opened ice-cream shop – LoveIce @ tHe Spring, Kuching

Cute Shop >w<

I’ve tried their fried ice-cream and hot dog bun ice-cream!

Hot Dog Bun! **Noob quality >_<

Sweet Corn + Cookie + Vanilla Chocolate Chip flavor

Fried ice-cream = 1 scoop

Hot dog bun = 3 small scoops with white jelly inside the bun!

Can you see the jelly? 😀

You can pick 2 toppings for your ice-cream!

For my fried ice-cream, I picked chocolate powder with nestum

For the hot dog bun, it will be chocolate chips and some kind of

like uh… Tastes sweet… :O Candy?

My fried ice-cream’s photo is at my dad’s handphone

Will upload when I’ve transferred the picture to my laptop!

By the way, it is located next to Kenny Rogers Roasters


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