New Hair

I went to Summer Dream @ Tabuan Jaya to have a hair cut

I want to cut my hair because I cut my hair myself previously and the length is uneven ==

I want to tie braids!  ヽ(°ロ°ヽ)

I said I want to have 梨花头 (Pear-like hair)

Yeah, like this…

However, the the the…

Saloon girl does not understand what am I talking about and I also do not understand what is she talking about(;¬_¬)

I should give her a picture next time

Here’s a picture of me after cutting my hair

Yeah... I don't really like it btw -.-

Why? It is because after I tie my hair…

It will become like this

I know I know... My eye bags are heavy -_-

Not clear enough?

See the difference? No?

Scroll up and scroll down again :p

My friends are wondering why do I wear contact lens to school on that particular day?

It was because I tripped my laptop charger then my side face *piak* the door on Sunday night

Ouch… Yeah, painful (>へ<)

My waist got scar and my knees swollen -_-

My spectacles

However,I went to 101 Optical Shop at Kenyalang Park to adjust my spectacles on the following afternoon after school

So yeah

This is me after school

I left my rubber band on my dad’s car so I use my hand to tie it up

Fast fast grow, my beloved hair! ヾ(@⌒▽⌒@)ノ






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