Lazy Food

Well, I’ve bought some fooooood from Ta Kiong Supermarket @ tHe Spring


I took the photos mirrored, hope you don’t mind!

Japanese Style Jiggle Corn

It was like a pan :O Aluminium one

After I popped the corns

Aww… Sorry popcorns >_<

It tastes salty like the other popcorn(the one you have to pop it in the microwave oven)


中国姐妹饺子 which means China Sisters Dumpling

I boiled the dumplings but I don’t know how to see whether they are cooked or not

until I let my sister try the dumplings =_=

She said that the dumplings are half-cooked

The taste of the dumplings are nice!

Recommended for people who likes to eat dumplings but are unable to go out to buy cooked one or lazy to make the dumplings

The content! Idk what is it =o="






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