Hi, I’m very stressed nowadays so I can hardly update my blog

Stress face

But I look like smiling =.=


Trying on the new eyelashes i bought from Taobao 😀

*uploading pics to reduce stress*

Meiko Nendo Puchi!

Haha, failed wink =_,=

Wookay, good night!

Camwhore @ K-Box




Few days ago, I went to K-box with Irene

We kept sang That Man by Aska Yang

It was a very touching song!!

We also sang Hyun Bin’s version

but we can’t sing it right in korean version haha

After that, I non-stop camwhoring in the karaoke room

It looks like… Ju-On

*le camwhorinh in the room 51*

*Camwhore together with lappy*

Non-stop camwhore-ing in Irene’s car wtf

Until I arrived my home…

Still non-stop camwhoring!!

ok bb