Christmas 2011

This is me during Christmas Eve

Around 11pm Michelle picked up me to tHe Spring with her sister and her boyfriend, Leon

We relaxed ourselves at Starbucks @@

I ordered Hot Caramel bla bla

Camwhoring ^o^

Leon and Michelle haha :p

Camwhoring with Michelle’s iPhone 4S :p

This top costs me $2 only (Singapore dollar)

Around 2am, we went to McDonald 😮


They so like to play with my phone’s TomCat = =

So I had a night at Michelle’s house :O

We spent the whole night camwhoring with her Miku wig

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Around 5am we only go sleep wtf

I woke up at 11am during Christmas and play Facebook

Something gay happened…

She play facebook while sleeping wtf

Hah, so we had our lunch at Michelle’s house

I cosplayed as Suzumiya Haruhi at the Christmas gathering :O

Nothing special 😡


kthxbai! & sorry for the late update :X


Singapore Trip

Last Wednesday, I went to Singapore for a trip.

It was a bad trip.

Many sad stuffs happened.

Oh well, I’ll just skip those bad incidents to make this post shorter.

While waiting for the airplane, we went to Marrybrown to have some snacks and I camwhored there with my laptop :p

I took AirAsia’s flight to Singapore while my mother and her sister took Tiger Airways

So when I arrived Singapore, I had to take skytrain from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 and shuttle bus to Budget Terminal

We had our dinner at PastaMania

I love this pizza the most, but I can’t remember the name 😦

It was the shrimp bla bla pizza :O

On the next day, actually we planned to visit Universal Studio but unfortunately they had ran out of tickets

So we went to Marina Bay Sands

My cousin and I abandoned our parents at the casino 😀

We went to Watson to buy some cosmetics

I was very happy because I get to buy Heroine Make’s cosmetics

The Heroine Make are not available at my place

Then, we went to the nearest cinema, Golden Village to watch You are the Apple of My Eye

The popcorn was nice!

Yesterday I went to MBO Cinema at my hometown to watch You are the Apple of My Eye

Some parts were deleted =”=

On the following day, we went to Tampines where my cousin live at

While waiting for my cousin at Tampines Junior High School, I camwhored :X

My cousin, Isabella rented a room with her brother in an apartment

The house owner’s son was a very interesting boy

His name is Darren

He told us that he got a girlfriend LOL

He also showed us his girlfriend’s photo and told us his girlfriend ever kiss him!

Darren taught my mom how to play the games on his iPad LOL

I’m not sure what is the name of this game :/

I requested him to play “The Boys” by SNSD :p

Waiting for the bus @@

I forgot where I am going on that day =”=

That night, my glasses…

One of my glasses’ glass dropped out from the glasses =_,=

Day 4, we went to River Valley High School for the open house

They gave me free clips at the entrance

The hall was soooo big =_=

The library looks like a bookstore wtf

very cool 1 la

Actually we are going to have our breakfast at the cafeteria but idk what happened

So we went to Jurong Point for breakfast and to repair my glasses for $5

If I repair it at Kuching, it is free =_,=

Then, we went to Clarke Quay ourselves to meet my brother there

Bought a packet of watermelon rock and another packet of mangosteen at Sticky Singapore :p

I never eat Sticky’s handmade candy before

Then, My brother brought us to Manhattan Fish Market and have fish and chips at 90 Steps =_,=”

After my brother ciao to his Buddist activities, we went to the central to have desserts

I can’t remember what is the name of the shop but it was really cheap and delicious

We walked around Clarke Quay =_,=

I wanted to go to other place instead of hanging around at 90 Steps and Central

So we walked underground and did not know where to go

My mom suggested that we follow the crowd

In the end, we ended up walking back to 90 Steps LOL

We bought shoes from D&C

Total $80+ =o=

So yeah, this is what I ate for those 3 days

On the last day, my aunty, mom and I went to the market to buy breakfast and some ingredients for lunch

There was a cheap sale there

The cloths were $2-3

damn cheap!!!

I go back Kuching alone again T_T