Christmas 2011

This is me during Christmas Eve

Around 11pm Michelle picked up me to tHe Spring with her sister and her boyfriend, Leon

We relaxed ourselves at Starbucks @@

I ordered Hot Caramel bla bla

Camwhoring ^o^

Leon and Michelle haha :p

Camwhoring with Michelle’s iPhone 4S :p

This top costs me $2 only (Singapore dollar)

Around 2am, we went to McDonald 😮


They so like to play with my phone’s TomCat = =

So I had a night at Michelle’s house :O

We spent the whole night camwhoring with her Miku wig

Click Here to view the photos

Around 5am we only go sleep wtf

I woke up at 11am during Christmas and play Facebook

Something gay happened…

She play facebook while sleeping wtf

Hah, so we had our lunch at Michelle’s house

I cosplayed as Suzumiya Haruhi at the Christmas gathering :O

Nothing special 😡


kthxbai! & sorry for the late update :X


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