New Year 2011

This post will be a very very long post (I guess…)

Yesterday had became last year

This year, I got a big big big exam —- SPM

Last year, I’ve met a lot of wonderful people

People who are willing to listen to my problems, support me, care for me, cheer for me and so on

Either in realistic life or online

They are wonderful for me


20/4/2011, that day , I got no transport back home

My uncle was supposed to send me back home after school

I tried to contact him after waiting for him like

but unfortunately, he doesn’t owns a mobile phone

I tried to asked my friends to send me back home because my dad wasn’t available that time

Most of them didn’t reply me

God bless me!

One of my friend agreed to send me back home

Let’s call him Mr.A

Mr.A not only send me to the bank (I bought things online @_@), he even treated me lunch at Singapore Chicken Rice Shop!!

What a nice person he is!! T_T


April – May

I created a fake account

I mean, Facebook fake account…

Well, I won’t talk about the reasons here 😮

Those days were kinda happy too 🙂

Met a  lot of new friends

Having many friends accompany me for game

But I felt very sorry for my ex for doing these things =_,=

In the end, I realized, I gave those people who I appreciated a lot burdens…

So I decided to try to not to talk to them

Fake Facebook account deleted

Before I delete that account, I created this blog

I don’t have any courageous to tell my friends about things stuffed in my heart

That is the reason of why I create this blog



To me, events are events, dates are dates << crapping

Event and dating are different thing

I attend Kyanime not to date with my ex

I want to participate the games

but my ex wanted me to accompany him…

I know about his feelings but I need to have my own space too :/

Okay, it’s getting too personal


Joined Interact Club dinner

It was a fun dinner =) with my ex-classmates ^^

Birthday hehe

I’ve been writing this post for the whole day :/

So let’s keep this post short

I’ll go straight to the ending of the story of my 2011 life

In the end, I’m single!! and I got my life back!!!

Thank God =)

Happy New Year!!


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