Another Crap Post

I actually haven’t finish the New Year craps

So Imma going to continue the craps here!!

First of all, I would like to thank those who had accompanied me play games last year

I felt kinda lonely if I play those games alone 😦

I’m very glad that you all still play with me even I damn noob T_T

Those days we broke people’s fountain LOL

Don’t laugh at my scores!!

This game was epic! Because actually I’m the host of the game

Then we played clanwar style but in funny way LOL

I simply say pick spec cm lich then my friend really pick!!

CM solo mid feed 99 T_T




We broke Yaya Ling a.k.a. KittyPuppy’s fountain LOL

He switched to the opponent’s team voluntarily

Last but not least, thanks to my classmates 🙂

Thanks for borrowing me homeworks to copy LOL

Thanks for guiding me in my studies

Without you guys, I won’t even manage to get 2nd in class without any tuition :p


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