ShowTimeSEA Review

ShowTime is a fun and interactive game

Overall rating : ★★★★✩

There are two modes in this game:

  • Singing Mode
  • Dance Mode

Singing Mode Review: ★★★★★

This is the best thing ever in this game is the singing mode

You’ll have to sing the song in the right pitch

Players are also able to choose to play the song in full or half length

You can choose to sing either the original song or minus 1 (accompaniment) version (some songs only)

Mr. Taxi - Girls' Generation

So this is how the singing mode looks like :3

Dance Mode Review: ★★✩✩✩

I’m not really good in this haha

I don’t have any screenshot for this

So yeah, check out the game instructions HERE and you’ll found out more fun facts about this game! 🙂


Facebook page:

Screenshots by me:

My second try

Pk Adrian!!

My first SS @ training


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