Quick Ulzzang Makeup Tutorial

This is a cheap and easy ulzzang makeup tutorial

Here’s a photo of the ‘after’ look

Before look…







Ignore my eyebrows pls :’D I shaved it like a fail orz

and I had tapered eyelid on my left eye and a half mono half parallel eyelid on my right eye (the refer to the first picture)

Okay, enough for the crapsss

Let’s start from…

Foundation: STAGE PHOTO PRO Foundation | RM20 (Discount!)

You can also DIY an eye primer yourself ^_^

Formula of DIY eye primer:

1:1 Moisturizer/body butter/unscented lotion:foundation+concealer

Compact powder: The Face Shop | Don’t know the price, loot from my sister’s leftovers lolololol

White eye shadow: INTER SENSE shine stick eye shadow | Bought it very very long time ago also orz

Eyeliner: Heroine Make Impact Liquid Eyeliner | $13++ (Singapore Dollar)

SILKYGIRL Long-Wearing Eyeliner (01 Black Black) | Forgot already, bought it N years ago

I used the liquid eyeliner to draw the upper eyeline and the pen-like eyeliner to draw the lower eyeline

Anyway, you can get cheaper eyeliner that suits you and practice makes perfect!!!!!!

Nose contour & Eyebrow: The Face Shop (Dark Brown Colour) | I looted this from my sister also orz

Highlighter: INTER SENSE shine stick eye shadow

As you can see in the picture above, I purposely put a picture without nose contouring, highlighting and eyebrow refining to compare with the one with the bla bla bla

Blush: The Body Shop | Looted from sister

False eyelashes: Taiwan Handmade False Eyelashes #217 (I stacked two eyelashes) | Looted item

Lip balm & gloss: Lip ice Sheer Colour (Strawberry Flavour) |  Bought from Watson but forgot the price already /.\

Anyway, you can also use nude colour for the lips part ^_^

See the difference? My left eye looks more dramatic while my right eye looks more simple

Don’t know why this photo reminds me of XiaXue :p <<< give slap


Mirror !!

Act Cute!!! G_G!!

This is the first ever tutorial I’ve made orz

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!! Bye!!

Chinese New Year 2012

This year is a busy year!!!

I had homeworks to be done during the CNY T_T

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year to my readers!!!

and I don’t know why people are posting about Valentine before CNY starts at Facebook? = =

They posted stuffs like this:

Valentine’s Day is coming.
Post this as your status and see what number people INBOX you. =)
1. Second chance.
2. You’re cute
3. Kiss =*
… 4. Better friendship
5. Chill
6. Cuddle
7. A long term relationship
8. An apology
9. A hug
10. I like you =D
11. I’m crushing on you
12. I dislike you =(
13. I love you ♥
14. Will you be my
valentine? =) ♥


Anyway, my day 1 starts  from visiting my grandpa’s house

Pink polka dot dress:  Hanna Enterprise | RM20


The cloth is kinda thin but I like the design (*^▽^*)ノ

Suitable for slim people, not thin people like me (TдT)

Sailor coat:  Hanna Enterprise | RM20


I love the sailor coat!!

Damn cute and comfortable!!

I had an open house on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year

But I went out for visiting that day orz

Without lens @@

Putting on eyeliner and natural false lashes

Then I try to look like Jessica Jung (The Boys)

So I drew eyeliners below my eyes

and failed (/–)/~┻┻ 彡

And it looks like = = Gothic/emo inspired makeup

Like ghost orz

That night Michelle and Leon visited my house

I tortured them to memorize every SNSD member’s face LOL!

until 12.00am

ヽ (`▽´)ノ hahahahahaha

Third day nothing special

Fourth day I went to clinic to check my teeth bla bla

Fifth day I had gathering with my classmates

They planned to watch a movie about dinosaur earlier at MBO Cinema, tHe Spring

So I agreed to join them

In the end I felt like I don’t wanna watch movie

Since I don’t wanna force myself to do things that I don’t want

So I went to Gasoline to do my homework instead

I played DotA there LOL!

I cutted the natural false eyelashes into half and put them at the end of my eyes

P/S: I did not draw any eyeliner 😮 put I do apply mascara

Sailor Coat: Hanna Enterprise | RM20

White Lacy Dress: Sunway Pyramid, Kuala Lumpur | Bought this 2 years ago lolololol

Before I went to Gasoline, I went to meet my classmates

and then shit happened

Then the shit followed me at tHe Spring  until i went back home

Shit? Oh yea, shit =_,=

Sorry it took so long for me to post this orz

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year ! (ノ≧∇≦)ノ