School Days [Behind the Scene]

Qian Ai doing my hair!! Photo taken by Mei Sing :p

Meising(right) and I(left)

p/s: She wants her face to be censored :p

Jacobs helping 小慈 with her hair


Ńтεґ Ṕнøтøṧ♄◎øт

After photoshoot, 小慈 and I decided to have our lunch at the Food Bazaar, tHe Spring.

We changed back to our school uniform before we went to tHe Spring :ppp

Actually, I want to online by using Gasoline’s internet but unfortunately, Gasoline was under construction that day = =

So we took few selcas there

School Days Photoshoot

Few days ago, I had a photoshoot with my classmates

The theme was School Days

It was taken at my school, Kuching Town No. 1 at 4J

Models: Yuriko Lau & 小慈

Photographer: Jacobs Thang

Hair (my pony tail :p): Qian Ai & Mei Sing

Costumes: Yuriko Lau

Photo edit: Jacobs Thang & Yuriko Lau

I like this picture the most!! Jacobs took this picture :p

Qian Ai took this picture for me and I like it sooo much!!

The best shot that I’ve ever took :p (even though still not pro enough :’D)

My fav shot LOL! #LIKEABOSS

A comic strip made by me ::