Bad Days

This month is the worst month


I’m sick


Sore throat


I’m having exams

My close friend built a wall between our communication

I don’t know what should I do already

I’m already used to keep my thoughts in my heart

I tried so hard to convey the message to my other close friends

but I failed

Those days without these stuff happen

I’m really happy

I’m really grateful to God who had gave me such a blissful life


There’s so many obstacles in life

I’m always alone

Passing these obstacles

and then I realized

I wasn’t alone

I had friends who helped me, taught me, sacrifice for me

Thank you

for not looking down on me

Thank you

for being with me

I really wished that I won’t get used to keep things in my heart

But if one day my listeners disappear

I’ll get hurt again

또르르 눈물이 흘러간다 또르르 또르르르 (Translation: Rolling… tears are flowing, rolling, rolling)

Hope that I can cope with these obstacles

Since after I got compban from RGC

I stick to DotA 2 and public games

After few weeks

I realized there’s still many things I need to do

I’m no longer available for games

I try to change my attitude

When I said “thank you” to my friends

They said “why are u thanking me?”

So I replied “This is call polite ba”

They said that they are not used to the polite me

and then I said that I thought people likes polite people

“It feels fake to be polite”

They replied


but I thank people not because I’m trying to be polite…

I try to express what I feel and what I thought

because if I don’t say right now, maybe I won’t have that chance to say it again

Hope everything will get better tomorrow…