Stalker 2

I shall reveal everything about the stalker in this post ^^


Requested by the stalker himself 😀

He say i beg Jennifer Tan to join her girl DotA team and he were the manager of the team

He said that he kick me from the team while I quit the team voluntarily

Funny rumor 😀

and also said that I went to Mars Cyber Cafe with my best friend Michelle to watch a team’s match there


I don’t like to watch people play okay?

and I were sitting beside my friend’s team whole day at that time

There are so many creepy things you did okay?

You went to my house stand outside there TWICE like a freak when I was at KL and at the clinic

After I reached my home from the clinic, my dad NEVER spray you water and we NEVER give a fuck about you

Until you whine about us to our neighbor my dad only scolded few words

You shouted outside to ask me to come out

You told my friends that my dad sprayed you water on that day

Last year when I saw you at Food Bazaar then I quickly turn back but you grabbed my hand shouted “贱女人” which means bitch

then I quickly run towards my parents and you still follow me wtf

until I reached my parents you disappeared

and then we met at the police station, you cried like sissy -.-

I shared about this online and you said that I make up stories?

Want me to upload my police report?

You also followed me whole day at tHe Spring Mall during CNY

Insulting me through Internet for the whole year?

Why should I be friend with you?

You inbox my brother said that you didn’t disturb me on Facebook while you’re disturbing me at the same time

Did you know that

5563 – 560 + 20 – 5000 – 23= how much damn i give about your opinion


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