Secondary School

As time goes by, I will be graduated from secondary school

I used to hate school since kindergarten as I’m always being bullied by others

I remember when I was in primary school, every morning when I reached my class

I would stood beside the classroom’s backdoor, eavesdropped my classmates’ conversation about me

People took advantages on me

I helped them but I got hurt in return

Anyway, these are the past

I wonder if I would do better in my college life in future

I wonder if I would have a lot of friends or maybe a best friend in college in future

I’m happy because I’m going to be independent soon

I can make money with my own efforts soon, get a proper job I mean

At the same time, I feel sad because I’m going to leave my friends and memories at school

I’m going to miss them all

However, I feel even frustrated when I realized that I had no one (classmates I mean) to tell about it =o=

Maybe I should tell the girl who sat beside me?

or the girl who sat in front of me (Mei Sing)?

but definitely not the girl who sat behind me @o@

Oh wait, I should tell my previous classmates too!

The first time I had my break time meal at the canteen with Ji Jiuan when I were Form 2 until Form 3

We stopped spending our break time at the canteen after I transferred to another class as we’re getting busier with studies, somemore the food at the canteen aren’t healthy at all =_=”

So I started to make my own food or bring snacks to school

I somehow missed the times we used to have our break time at the canteen

My best companion at school when I were Form 1 until Form 3 is Stella

She helped me a lot and I feel bad for mistreating her sometimes

I don’t know why sometimes I just felt annoyed by her =o=

However, our bonds of relationship got loosen after I got shifted to another class

I remember when I were Form 1, I used to drew the tables with pencils and correction pen (until now I still draw my table with pencils LOL)


#Fish Ball-chan


#Fertilization (Form 3)

Carving names pointing the person who sat in front and beside me



This guy who sat in front of me is Jun Jie, his name sounds like ginger so I used to call him ginger haha

Drew the blackboard with L4D characters

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be sitting a BIG EXAM —— SPM

Lets wish the all SPM candidates out there all the best and I hope I can get straight As :’)


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