It’s Over…

No more Monday blues

No more 5.40a.m. snooze alarm for 5 minutes

No more school uniform

No more hurrying with homework in the morning

No more sleeping at class

No more waiting for the school to end

School days are over

SPM is over

I somehow regretted for not studying harder LOL

Nevermind, it’s all over now!!

What are you going to do after SPM?

Dye your hair? Travel around? Hang out with friends?

I’m going to get hair, body and facial treatment that I’ve bought from

It’s so damn cheap!

I mean, the body and facial treatment worth RM192 includes body waxing and facial + organic mask for RM18 per person ONLY(if you bought for 2 person)!!


I’m sooo gonna redeem my voucher at Jimary Beauty Shop on next Monday!!


The hair treatment worth RM172 includes L’Oréal Hair Treatment or Scalp Treatment + Wash + Blow for RM15 PER PERSON(If you bought for 2 person)!!!


I also want to spend more time with my beloved doggy a.k.a. Chiyu-chan hehe

Go to the beach, ZenQ, Young-Su’s Ice Cream

Make Hokkaido Cupcakes


Learn guitar, various language especially Japanese and improve my English!

and so so so so on!!

So tell me what are you going to do after SPM by commenting this post!


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