Study Life

I started to study hard when I was primary 4 or 5

I get either 9th place or 10th place in class

Primary 6, I worked hard for UPSR

I even attend tuition class

My very first tuition class (for academics)

I was hoping to get straight As

However, I got 6A 1 B

I was very disappointed that time

Since then I slacked in class because I think no matter how hard I tried

I’m still the average student in class

I mean, I want to be top student but I can’t

It was too competitive during secondary school

I mean I am too lazy to work hard

because I think I should relax

I stopped tuition when I was Form 2

Form 3, I have to sit for PMR

So I attend tuition class where the top 1 student in my class went

But I’m still slacking that time :p

I even got last in first semester and second last in second semester

I remember during holiday before PMR, my friend and I went to Swinburne library everyday to study

Everyday I slept there when studying geography haha

My worst subject 😡

However, my PMR results turns out to be 5A 1B 1C

My geography got C

I put most effort on geography =.=

My family and I were shocked because that time I always go out late at night, playing games whole day

I didn’t even finish the history subject

After that year, I quit the tuition class

To me, the tuition class was useless lol

During Form 4, I was selected to the science stream

I had no interest neither in biology, chemistry nor physics

and I’m afraid of stress

and I’m lazy!! :p

So I requested my school to transfer me to the technical science class

and the request was granted

Everyone said that I’ve changed since I transferred class

It is because I became more hardworking

I became more hardworking because I want to get top 1 in class

The guy who was my classmate previously transferred to the same class with me too

His PMR results wasn’t as good as mine

I feel that I can get 1st ranking in class

Unfortunately, I got 2nd place instead

He is really a hardworking person

If only I put more efforts I might get first hehe :p

Some teachers at my school

You know


Their teaching method aren’t effective

I can study in my own but I’m lazy

I need something to push me

So i decided to attend tuition classes when I was Form 5

My results became worse (a little)

Dropped to 3rd place during first semester

2 weeks before SPM I cut down my entertainment sessions

I write notes, do past year papers etc

I slept for few hours just to study the history =.=”

Turns out only 1/4 of the things I’ve studied for history came out in the exam


A day before my SPM results came out I fly back to Kuching from Johor just to get my results

I expect myself to get at least 5As

Before I claim my result slip, my teacher and my friends congratted me

Why? Because I got STRAIGHT As


God answered my prayers

I remember I prayed almost everytime before the exam and after the exam


omg my history A- haha

Remember the guy I mentioned who got 1st place in my class?

I felt sympathy for him because he got a B+ for English 😦

I think I’m the only person who got straight A in my class :p

Really, unbelievable.

My first ever straight A in my whole life

Anyway, this is just a new beginning for the next stage of my life



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