Hoyu Beautylabo Whip Hair Colour (Milky Beige + Caramel Custard)

I just finished my secondary school so yay! I can dye my hair!

I wanted to go to the salon to dye my hair at first but I want to save more money, so I decided to go to Watson to buy Japanese hair dye

Actually I wanted to buy Liese at first but I saw Beautylabo is having discount

and it is the cheapest among all of the Japanese hair dye

If I’m not wrong, it only costs RM27 something

This hair dye is in foam style and the pakaging is really cute

Caramel Custard

Caramel Custard

It contains a bottle of clear solution, powder, gloves, hair treatment and instruction slip in Japanese language and English language

I didn’t take a picture of the foam because I was afraid that it will explode or something >.<

At first I dye my hair with Milky Beige colour

I simply shake the mixture for few times and apply it

I didn’t fully follow the instructions so it turns out my hair colour is not even!

But I’m satisfied with the colour


As you can see I concentrate on colouring the right top part of my hair =.=

So I bought another colour which is Caramel Custard on the next day

This time I apply it carefully haha

but my hair is really thick

I missed some part (the inner part)

I extended the time of the foam on my hair for around 10 minutes

and it turns out like this…


The colour is really nice and bright

However, it is not recommended if you have thick hair like me

Anyway, while applying, the ammonia smell is really strong

It makes me wanna cry and it itches my head =.=


I kept look at the mirror because I love my new hair colour a lot :p


It was my first time hair dyeing xD


Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


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