Recipes for students and lazy people

So yeah, I’m currently studying in TAR University College at Kuala Lumpur which is goddamn far away from my home
I rented a room here and I used to going outside to eat
However, I think that I should cook myself at home since it is cleaner and healthier
So here’s some easy recipes that I’ve modified from some cookbook


1. Seaweed rice
Cook rice in rice cooker and add seaweed

2. Chicken breast
Cook finely chopped garlic with oil until the garlic turns gold then add sliced chicken breast meat into the pan with ginger. When the meat is cooked, add chicken stock and it is ready to be served!


3. Claypot chicken rice
Marinate sliced chicken breast meat in dark soy sauce and oyster sauce for 15 minutes. Cook the rice and sliced carrots (or any vegetable desired) in a rice cooker. Then add the meat into the rice cooker when the water level of the rice equals to the volume of rice. After the rice is fully cooked, you may enjoy the food 🙂

That’s all for today! Gotta go do revision for final exam 😡



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