Review: Hoyu Bigen Prominous Copper Brown

I got this dye for free during Comic Fiesta πŸ™‚

This is me before the dye


So the package contains developer, activator, nozzle comb and instruction leaflet.
So where are the gloves? The gloves are attached on the instruction leaflet!

Follow the instructions ~

The liquid turns into purple colour after some time.

Dying process

There is no irritation during the dying process but my boyfriend felt a bit itchy when the dye touches his skin.



The colour turns out to be a little bit reddish not so obvious. This is because I didn’t use up all of the liquid provided.
Instead, my boyfriend used up the leftovers and his hair colour is more obvious.
If you use up all of them, your hair colour may turn into the colour as shown in the box.

I didn’t like the smell, I don’t know how to describe it. Even after I washed my hair, the smell still remains.

If you have thick or layered hair, it would be harder to apply the dye evenly.

The application is also more complicated compared to Beautylabo because you have to reapply it after some time.

After dying, my hair tangled more >< you have to use your own conditioner to condition your hair because there is no conditioner provided.

However, I would like to recommend this dye to people with grey hair because you don't need to sacrifice your comb! πŸ™‚