Kimchi Bambi Brown Lens Review

Kimchi Bambi Lens Brown (Left)

Kimchi Bambi Lens Brown (Left)

The design of this lens are inspired by Tsubasa Masuwaka’s Bambi lens


It is more “orange” in the inside than the outside


Sorry for the blur pictures ><

Indoor Lighting

Indoor Lighting

I used these lens in  Tsubasa Masuwaka Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Design: 2/5


Natural Outdoor Sunlight

Honestly, I don’t really like these  lens ><

I don’t know why they look good on the others (I read many bloggers’ review)

My eyes look like popping out and it seems very fake!

The colour doesn’t blend well with my eyes 😦

It would be better if the colour of the inner ring is not that opaque ><

Colour: 5/5


The colour is very noticeable!

Comfort: 4/5


A bit dry… Maybe it’s my problem @@

Enlargement: 5/5


Using my phone camera to capture image on my laptop’s camera~

They make my eye look bigger because of the limba ring!

Price: 4/5

Same price with iFairy~ Other brands with the same pattern but the colour is not that bright is cheaper than this one ><

Overall: 3/5


These lens are more suitable for Gyaru girls but it looks very weird and alien on me(?)

iFairy Super Crystal Brown Review


iFairy Super Crystal Brown Lens (Right)

I bought these lens at JBTALKS from JojozZ for RM16 each only (promotional price)

I used these lens for my Mirai Suenaga cosplay and Asuna Yuuki from SAO cosplay~


Natural Indoor Lighting

I don’t like to use flash light to take pictures >< so there will be no pictures with flash

Natural Indoor Lighting

Natural Sunlight

Natural Indoor Lighting

Natural Indoor Lighting

Design: 5/5

Mirai Suenaga cosplay using iFairy Crystal Brown Lens

Mirai Suenaga cosplay using iFairy Crystal Brown Lens

The design creates mysterious eyes as you can see in the picture above because there is no limba ring. IMO, I think that these lens look better with eye makeup. It looks kinda weird when I’m using these contact lens without eye makeup ><

Colour: 5/5


The colour is very vibrant and blends well with my real eyes.

Comfort: 5/5


Asuna from SAO cosplay using iFairy Super Crystal Brown

Very comfy even when wear for long hours. The water content is higher compared to most of the cosmetic lens available in Malaysia.

Little tips: Replace your lens case every 3 months because the case will become very dirty even if it looks clean coz the bacteria will hide in your lens case!  I got a viral pinkeye for not changing my lens case 😦 so please take care of your own eyes!!

Enlargement: 4/5

Natural Sunlight again
Natural Sunlight again

As mentioned, the lens do not have limba ring~

Price: 4/5

The price is reasonable for their comfort and design! However, it is SLIGHTLY pricey for me ><

Normally it would cost RM1 7-18 (lowest price range) in Malaysia.

But still, WORTH IT.

Overall: 4/5


I would recommend this lens to people who are looking for natural lens or want some mysterious look~

They are very good for cosplay because the colour is very MOE! ><

Most important, these lens are very comfortable because of high water content!

Mirai Suenaga Photoshoot

Mirai 11 (3 of 1)b_副本

Date: 4.10.2013

Venue: Suria KLCC & KL Convention Center

Yuriko Lau as MiraiSuenaga

Photo by Jonathan Wong

Mirai Suenaga (1) (1 of 1)2_副本

It was a sunny day~ Not really hot but Jonathan scare I feel too hot >< He is really a nice person. He came all the way from Selangor for the photoshoot!

Mirai 35 (3 of 1)_副本

Suddenly a flock of Malay students come and take photo with me~ They all thought I’m a Japanese LOL Mirai 37 (3 of 1)_副本_副本

A lady also approached me for photo >< Mirai 13 (3 of 1)_副本

Mirai 4 (3 of 1)b_副本

I realized that I left my phone at KL Convention Center when I was going to change my clothes in the toilet!! OH MY GOD!!

I was so freaked out and nervous!! Feel like crying at that moment!!

Jonathan ran all the way back to KLCC from Sura KLCC just to get my phone back

Luckily someone pick it up and hand it over to the authorities

After that when I walk back to KLCC (alone because Jonathan is very exhausted >< Sorry!) and asked the person at the counter but the guy said no handphone is handed over there

Then a nice lady helped me by lending her phone to me to call my phone ><

It was in the security guard’s pocket!

The security guard escorted me to their office to sign a document and print my IC for record



Hope to have more photoshoot in future!

Tsubasa Masuwaka Inspired Makeup Tutorial

So I just finished my final exam~

Reference pictures:

tsubasa 2


Tsubasa is so cute right?

Aaaaaand this is me


I forgot to put on double eyelid tape! ><

Anyway, I’ll only show the eye makeup in this tutorial~


Apply eyeshadow 1 on your eyelids


Then apply eyeshadow 2 on half of your eyelids


Apply a C shape eyeshadow 3


Put a V shape eyeshadow 4


Apply eyeshadow 5 (or any white colour eyeshadow) on the white lines and the purple line (purple line is optional, purely just my style)


We’re done with the eyeshadow!


Now, draw the a thin line with your eyeliner


Great! Your eyes looks bigger and longer now!


Put on false eyelashes

I bought these from TaoBao, only few cents (in MYR) for one pair!

These are not authentic Dolly Wink lashes but they look very similar to eyelash No.1 Dolly Sweet~


From TaoBao~


Still imperfect!


Another falsies similar to Dolly Wink bottom false eyelashes No.6 Baby Cute\


TaoBao version~ I prefer this version ><


There~ You’re done now!


I didn’t put on nude lipstick because my skin is quite dark and nude lips doesn’t suit me ><

DSC_0164 (2)_副本

My real hair is not nice! 😡

DSC_0172 (2swq)

I’m using Bambi Brown lens from Kimchi~ Which is also similar to the one designed by Tsubasa Masuwaka!


Have a nice day~ Gosujin-sama~ Nyan!


The Cat

Few months ago I went to car driving test
I was repeating the first part of the driving test and it ends around 12pm
So I waited until around 2pm
I called my agent to ask him what time he will send us back home
So he told me that I have to wait two students to finish their test (2 parts) and he can’t tell what time we can go back
So I lied and said that I have work on 4pm
Then he say it’s very inconvenient for him to send me and 1 guy back first since he has to drive from Subang back to Setapak area
After that I said okay ==” then I proceeded to the canteen for lunch
So when I was eating my food
There is a cat asking food from me
The cat then jump on the chair opposite and sat on it.
So I gave it an egg (I don’t have fish)


The cat sniff the egg when I push the egg towards it
But it refuse to eat the egg so lansi!!
After a few minutes, it jump off from the chair and ran towards other people to ask for food
But other people more lansi
They never look at the cat
So the cat jump on the chair beside me


It is asking for food as you can see in the picture.


So a guy (staff I guess) carry up the cat and place it on the floor
He pushed that chair towards the table so that the cat cannot jump on the chair to ask food from me again
But this cat didn’t give up
The cat jumped on the chair on the opposite of my left side



Emo face


This cat is not so lansi like other cats coz everytime when I want to take it’s picture, I will call it then the cat will look at