The Cat

Few months ago I went to car driving test
I was repeating the first part of the driving test and it ends around 12pm
So I waited until around 2pm
I called my agent to ask him what time he will send us back home
So he told me that I have to wait two students to finish their test (2 parts) and he can’t tell what time we can go back
So I lied and said that I have work on 4pm
Then he say it’s very inconvenient for him to send me and 1 guy back first since he has to drive from Subang back to Setapak area
After that I said okay ==” then I proceeded to the canteen for lunch
So when I was eating my food
There is a cat asking food from me
The cat then jump on the chair opposite and sat on it.
So I gave it an egg (I don’t have fish)


The cat sniff the egg when I push the egg towards it
But it refuse to eat the egg so lansi!!
After a few minutes, it jump off from the chair and ran towards other people to ask for food
But other people more lansi
They never look at the cat
So the cat jump on the chair beside me


It is asking for food as you can see in the picture.


So a guy (staff I guess) carry up the cat and place it on the floor
He pushed that chair towards the table so that the cat cannot jump on the chair to ask food from me again
But this cat didn’t give up
The cat jumped on the chair on the opposite of my left side



Emo face


This cat is not so lansi like other cats coz everytime when I want to take it’s picture, I will call it then the cat will look at


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