iFairy Super Crystal Brown Review


iFairy Super Crystal Brown Lens (Right)

I bought these lens at JBTALKS from JojozZ for RM16 each only (promotional price)

I used these lens for my Mirai Suenaga cosplay and Asuna Yuuki from SAO cosplay~


Natural Indoor Lighting

I don’t like to use flash light to take pictures >< so there will be no pictures with flash

Natural Indoor Lighting

Natural Sunlight

Natural Indoor Lighting

Natural Indoor Lighting

Design: 5/5

Mirai Suenaga cosplay using iFairy Crystal Brown Lens

Mirai Suenaga cosplay using iFairy Crystal Brown Lens

The design creates mysterious eyes as you can see in the picture above because there is no limba ring. IMO, I think that these lens look better with eye makeup. It looks kinda weird when I’m using these contact lens without eye makeup ><

Colour: 5/5


The colour is very vibrant and blends well with my real eyes.

Comfort: 5/5


Asuna from SAO cosplay using iFairy Super Crystal Brown

Very comfy even when wear for long hours. The water content is higher compared to most of the cosmetic lens available in Malaysia.

Little tips: Replace your lens case every 3 months because the case will become very dirty even if it looks clean coz the bacteria will hide in your lens case!  I got a viral pinkeye for not changing my lens case 😦 so please take care of your own eyes!!

Enlargement: 4/5

Natural Sunlight again
Natural Sunlight again

As mentioned, the lens do not have limba ring~

Price: 4/5

The price is reasonable for their comfort and design! However, it is SLIGHTLY pricey for me ><

Normally it would cost RM1 7-18 (lowest price range) in Malaysia.

But still, WORTH IT.

Overall: 4/5


I would recommend this lens to people who are looking for natural lens or want some mysterious look~

They are very good for cosplay because the colour is very MOE! ><

Most important, these lens are very comfortable because of high water content!

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