Kimchi Bambi Brown Lens Review

Kimchi Bambi Lens Brown (Left)

Kimchi Bambi Lens Brown (Left)

The design of this lens are inspired by Tsubasa Masuwaka’s Bambi lens


It is more “orange” in the inside than the outside


Sorry for the blur pictures ><

Indoor Lighting

Indoor Lighting

I used these lens in  Tsubasa Masuwaka Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Design: 2/5


Natural Outdoor Sunlight

Honestly, I don’t really like these  lens ><

I don’t know why they look good on the others (I read many bloggers’ review)

My eyes look like popping out and it seems very fake!

The colour doesn’t blend well with my eyes 😦

It would be better if the colour of the inner ring is not that opaque ><

Colour: 5/5


The colour is very noticeable!

Comfort: 4/5


A bit dry… Maybe it’s my problem @@

Enlargement: 5/5


Using my phone camera to capture image on my laptop’s camera~

They make my eye look bigger because of the limba ring!

Price: 4/5

Same price with iFairy~ Other brands with the same pattern but the colour is not that bright is cheaper than this one ><

Overall: 3/5


These lens are more suitable for Gyaru girls but it looks very weird and alien on me(?)

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