6 Types of Annoying Online Customers in Malaysia

1# Comment “pm” on your thread/post

Pm means private/personal message. This kind of customer is very common in Malaysia. It is annoying only in certain situation such as you have already put up every single detail of the items that you are selling and they just reply/comment “pm” on your thread/post.  It is really confusing because you don’t know what does the customer wants to know about. Even worse, 3# will occur after you pm them yourself.

2# Hey, I am interested in one of your stuffs that you are selling! Add me!

Sorry to say that this kind of customer is a lazy fuck. You have the fucking time to comment/reply on my thread/post but have no time to click the “add as friend” button or “message”? And after I add that guy, he didn’t even message me. wtf. He waited for me to message him. wtf WTF. Next time I will ignore this kind of lazy fucks already.

3# Never read the description

Another lazy fuck. This  type of customer doesn’t even read the description of the item you’re selling. I type every single important details clearly but these lazy fucks loves to see my reply even though I gave them a link where there is clear description about the items I’m selling.

4# Customers are always right

Bullshit. Sellers are also human. We have feelings and we are not your servant, so fuck off if you don’t treat us like human while you’re fighting for your so called equality in this country. There is one customer who wants to  COD (cash on delivery) at Times Square but I rejected because it was kinda far for me and I cannot wake up on that time. So after that she said that she will go to Festival City Mall (15 minutes walking distance from the place I’m renting) for COD but I asked her to come to the hospital nearby (which is the next bus station after Festival City and 5 minutes walking distance from my place) instead since she is going by bus. This girl started to tell me that she already tolerate me to meetup at Festival City bla bla bla. wtf. You kept ask me to sell reserved items to you and offered higher price and I’ve rejected nicely already. Who is tolerating with who?

5# Pilots

MOST customers who requested for reservation will cancel their order and they won’t even let you know about it. They won’t pick up your calls or reply your SMS. They are great pilots. Never ever reserve (long-term) something for someone if they don’t pay deposit because you might end up getting ffk-ed.

6# Scammers

The scammers will ask you to send them the items first without paying or pay half. If you reject, they will start to accuse you as a scammer.


Well, these are all my experience as a trader. If you are one of them and are offended, kindly click the “x” button located on the top right of your browser, thank you. Honestly, I never disrespect my customers and always tolerate with them even if they are listed here unless they try to destroy my reputation. Thanks for reading my rantings as a seller LOL


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