Female Gamer in Gaming Community

This article is purely what I have experienced as a female gamer, it does not represents all female gamer in the community and the words “guys” and “males” used in this post do not necessary mean ALL GUYS/MALES.


1. Trust

Well, as most of us know, there are lots of guys pretending to be girls in game. These guys, no, these jerks will cheat items or anything valuable to them from the guys. So most of the guy’s don’t really trust that girl gamer exists as there are less female gamer out there.  If you are a girl, they probably won’t believe it just because you are a girl and you might not act like one until you give them proofs. Some guys might request ridiculous proofs such as nude photo etc. I use my own picture in game, so some guys, in a rude way, like to  tell me that I shouldn’t pretend to be a girl or use other girl’s picture as my display picture. I would reply them through my microphone so that they would shut the fuck up.

2. Females should go back to the kitchen

So if they believed that you are a girl, these jerks will mock you with sexist comments. So you think ONLY GIRLS play Hello Kitty Online? Or MOBA games are designed for MALES ONLY? Or the kitchen is a room designed for females only? I saw these guys, Malaysians, yes, my own countrymen, they commented on a picture of a female DotA tournament and said that Malaysian girls do not play games, they sleep and eat all the time. OK. Then after a few days, the tournament page posted a picture of a Malaysian girl team. Then these typical idiots come and mock that the girls aren’t pro and some nasty comments. Wtf they want seriously.

3.  Attention

Well, there are so many perverted guys online. These perverts will start to say something really disturbing like suck my dick. There are also guys that will treat u really really good like buy in game items for you or even reload your phone credit. But I felt that these attentions are unnecessary. After all, we all have one thing common, that is passion for the game. It’s not something really special like a dog playing COD or something you know.  These attentions made me feel like, like everytime people ask me “are you a girl?”, before I hesitate whether to answer “no” or not, my friend will answer “yes” first. I’m so afraid of these unwanted attentions and I fear that people might think that I admit that I’m a girl because I want attention. When I talk through microphone, I get response like “can you talk more? your voice is nice” “omg it’s a girl!!” “can you be my girlfriend?”. It is also undeniable that these attention contribute to tonnes of friend requests.

4. This is the first time I saw a girl playing DotA

Okay, I’m not saying that people who said this is a jerk but I’ve heard about it like 2903478932752984753475 times and it’s like telling a guy that “this is the first time I saw a guy cooks”. Games aren’t just for guys only.

5. Cat war

Some girls are ego and selfish, for instance, they will pick carry all the time even if the team needs support. If they can’t get kills or they die or the game loses, they’ll start to blame everyone including their friends. These attention whores, like to fight for attention or argue with other female gamer for no reason. Well, maybe because of jealousy or something, I don’t know. I’ve once involved in a female team and it is a very very painful experience because my teammates (two of them) verbally abuse my friends and I. They use harsh words and never care about our feelings at all. After they did this to me, one of the girl told others that I’ve been kicked out from her team. In fact, I’m the one who left the team and I even deleted the page that I have made for them. Keep in mind that not only female gamer can be bitches, there are lots of non-gamer bitches out there too. Lucky me, now I have a gang of good girl friends who play DotA 2 with me :> Some of them are very skillful, some of them are not. Well, it doesn’t matter if they are pro or sucks in DotA 2, the attitude matters.