Candylicious Sugar Candy Hazel Lens


The lens~~

So few months ago I ordered 3 pairs of Candylicious lens at JBTALKS from DevilVinC for RM13 each.

If you purchase 3 pair of lens or above, you’ll get free postage~



So cute *o*


Candylicious Sugar Candy Hazel Lens



Candylicious Sugar Candy Hazel Lens

These lens are very popular among the Japanese~


Indoor Lighting

Design: 5/5


Indoor Lighting

The design is very simple yet cute! They have a very thick limbal rings, so if you are looking for lens that looks natural, these lens are not suitable for you! I actually have a pair of Super Barbie Sugar Candy Brown (same design) before.

Colour: 4/5


Backlight (Day)

The colour is not very vibrant but still noticeable.

Comfort: 4/5


Outdoor Lighting

It is a bit dry >< Not suitable for those with sensitive eyes.

Enlargement: 5/5


Outdoor Lighting

They have diameter of 16mm PLUS the thick limba ring makes your eyes look bigger!

Price: 5/5


Outdoor Lighting

Very cheap! As mentioned, they only cost RM13!!

Overall: 5/5

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Although they look simple, they make my eyes round and big when I wore them! No wonder the Japanese love them! Besides, the price is cheap and affordable!!

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