World Mission Society Church of God is a cult

The red words are the characteristics of the cult. This story is 100% true and geniune, no persevatives or food colourings added.

Last month around 11th October 2014, while I was on my way back home from tapao (take-away) food, a Korean man (around 30+) and a young girl (around 20+ her name is Giselle) approached me and asked me to do a quick survey for them. The survery content is mostly about the passover (they believe that by keeping the passover, we can be salvaged) and God, the mother (they claimed God, the mother exists). We had some religious conversation and they keep on emphasizing that their church is the only true church. Since I have little knowledge even though I’m a Christian, I blindly believe everything they told me. They told me that if you don’t believe in God, the mother, then you don’t believe in God. However, I felt their words are quite contradicting and I have a lot of questions pop out in my mind and I have a feeling that they would evade my questions if I ask them. So I didn’t ask them anything. They asked me if I want to be baptised in their church and it is just a 5 minutes ceremony. Since the church is near to where I stay, I agreed

We walked to the church, it was located at a shophouse. The baptism ceremony took place at third floor if I’m not mistaken. Some traditional Korea-like cloth was prepared for the ceremony (for me to wear). During the ceremony, I can’t understand what does the pastor (the Korean man) said because he was speaking in Korean language. He did said some English words but it was like “bless this person” something like that and he kept mention “Jehovah” and it sounds like Jehovah is God. The pastor pour warm water on my head. After that Giselle and a tall dark guy along with the pastor said “We love you! We love you!” (got action somemore). Then I was required to change my clothes and wear a veil. The pastor prepared a glass of grape juice and a piece of “bread”. The bread is like flour + water, it has round shape. The bread is Jesus’ flesh and the wine is Jesus’ blood. We drank the wine and ate the bread. My personal details were then recorded in the “book of life” and I took a photo with Giselle (the pastor requested). The pastor told me you are able to go to the kingdom of heaven if your name is recorded in the “book of life” and their book of life is true.

After that Giselle took me to their worship hall (second floor) and played me some videos about their church. The videos are mostly about Korea (they said it is a holy place bla bla), God, the mother and the people in the videos seems like being brainwashed. I saw a middle-aged women kept appearing in the middle of group photos (during the slideshows) but I did not question about it as I thought she is the head of the church or something. Giselle told me when we worship God, we should wear a veil. After few hours of watching those boring videos, I told Giselle that I need to get back home because my boyfriend would be worried if I didn’t get back home by that time. Giselle then asked an Indian girl to escort me back home. Let’s call this Indian girl “IG”. Oh and before that, the pastor asked Giselle to stay at the hall until she is allowed to come out because there was a drunk man (most probably is the church member) looking for her and they were dealing with this man. Giselle asked me if I have time to hang out together on other day and so we agreed to meet each other on the next day during lunch time. She kept asked me to pinky promise with her as if I would run away. She did invite me to celebrate some festivals at the church and she said that we must celebrate the same festivals as the festivals celebrated in heaven but I rejected, I lied her that I have class that day. The indian girl then escort me back home. She has a degree or diploma (not sure) in psychology and she is currently unemployed. We didn’t have much conversation tho because I don’t really like to talk. We met some aunties (church members) on the way back home and they seem very friendly and happy. They greet me and congratulate me for being baptised. However, I felt it was very fake and I act like I’m happy like them even though I don’t feel like smiling. I just felt something is so wrong and I don’t belong to here. I seek some advice from one of my Christian friends but he told me it was just the devil’s work preventing me from going to the church. So I thought I think too much.

On the next day, I met Giselle at a coffee shop and I had my lunch there. She introduced me a girl from the church and the girl is my schoolmate (she never told me she is going to bring someone to meet me). Since I don’t remember her name, lets call her F (because she took finance course). F kept forcing her smile and she smiles awkwardly all the time. Giselle said they came to accompany me for lunch (they already had their lunch) but after I finish my lunch, she asked me if we could have bible study together. I didn’t know how to reject her (I’m a soft-hearted person in reality) so I agreed and she said that I’m obedient because I listen to her. I lied to Giselle that I have to take care of my boyfriend’s shop after 15 minutes coz he has something urgent to do. So she promise me she would make it fast. F is the one who taught me about the bible. She told me we used to be angels and because we sinned, therefore we became humans. In order to go to kingdom of heaven, we have to study our past lives (bible). She took 1 hour to brainwash me about the angel stuff then she only let me go. Before I leave, they asked me when do I have time to study bible with them again. I find a lot of excuses to reject them but they kept asking questions me like “what time do you finish your class on Tuesday?”. So we agreed to meet on 14 October 2014 after class. However, I went home straight after class. Giselle called me several times but I didn’t pick up because my phone battery was dead.

Since that day, Giselle only SMSed me once (she asked me if I have went to slept or not) then she never find me anymore. I thought my nightmare was over because I actually felt reluctant to meet them but then I felt guilty at the same time (because I baptised in their church then wanna run away liao). One day, I met the IG at the lobby of my condominium. She asked for my address so I gave her the exact address (it is recorded in the “book of life“). I took a nap as soon as I reached home because I was too exhausted (plus period D:) then suddenly the door bell rang. I opened the door and it was Giselle and F. They bought me food and drink because they know I have low blood sugar. They wanted me to let them in for “bible study” but I rejected them. I look tired at that time so they asked me if I’m sick, so I said yes and they left. Before that, Giselle said “you wouldn’t move out right?”, as if I would try to avoid them by moving out. I guess she knows that I’m trying to avoid her. Since that day, they often came to my unit UNINFORMED. I would cough up some excuses to reject them. It was so rude and intrusive! I felt that I no longer have privacy.

They actually came to my unit yesterday. After they left, I decided to confront them because I felt that I cannot hide from them forever. But before that, I searched on the Internet about this church because I wanted to find out what kind of church is this (like catholic, protestant etc). It turns out the church worships a Korean guy (the founder) Ahnsahnghong (I’m sure I heard this name during the baptism ceremony). It believes that Ahnsahnghong is the second Jesus and God, the mother is Ahnsahnghong’s wife. Ahnsahnghong’s wife is the women who sits/stands in the middle in most of the group photos. They are Jehovah’s witness (that’s why the pastor kept mention the word “Jehovah”)! OMFG. I just realized I’m in deep shit! I was baptised in the name of this Korean guy… I felt so disgusting and ashamed. They use the book of life to keep my personal details (recorded in the database at HQ in Korea). I decided to confront Giselle by SMSing her. I asked her not to find me anymore because I felt annoyed and I hope she would go away. I realized I’m not the only one who had experienced these, there are more people experiencing worse situation than mine out there all over the world. I decided to post it on FB and apparently some of my friends have been approached by these people but they immediately reject them.

I’m so stupid that I should do some research before I do something. At the same time, I feel lucky to find out the truth. WMSCOG is a bullshit. They never told me they are worshipping that dead Korean man before they baptise me. NOT EVEN ONCE. I hope they would stop bothering me after this 😦

Moral of the story: Do research first before committing, never trust anyone easily.

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