A Letter to My Pet Dog


Dear Chiyu-chan,

Do you remember?

When you first arrived at our home, you kept climb to our neighbour’s house

Before you arrived to our home, I asked my dad to buy you a collar


Before you arrived to our home, my dad spent his holiday on building your house

But unfortunately, due to insufficient resource, he had to stop building it 😦


Do you remember?

I was doing my homework when I was in primary school that time

I heard your barking sound and I looked outside but you’re not there

Then I took a nap on the floor

When I woke up, I saw u sleeping beside me


You always wag your bushy tail strongly against the gate and the car that it makes loud noises.

You hate to bath but I must force you to 😦

You always go crazy after bath!

You pay full attention and very obedient when there is treat


Everything you did is so cute if you didn’t realize

But my parents seems to dislike you /_\


I’ve always wanted to protect you from harm

That’s why I disallow you to go outside

Well, I used to own 2 dogs

One died because of illness, one died because of car accident

I don’t want to lose you…


Every morning I would look forward to pet you

See you wagging your tail furiously

Play with you

Give you my food if I hate them HAHAHA


You were so excited when dad brought back some puppies

But you get jealous after the puppies got all the attention


You’re such a gentle dog

You’ve been trying to befriend with those cats but they were afraid of you

You let this fat cat eat your food

You never hurt her

Both of you stared at me when I was eating my food


You fight with other dogs and get injured, I cried

You didn’t come back home for weeks, I cried

I remember I cried until my face bloated and my eyes and lips are swollen

I miss you so much…


Do you remember?

When I ran away from home, you followed me

You overcome your fear of traffic

We sat on dad’s motorcycle back home together

I actually felt touched


But… I’m just a bad owner…

I’m sorry that I hurt you when you’re not obedient.

I’m sorry that I forced you to do many things such as taking this picture:


I’m sorry for neglecting you, i.e. not taking you for a walk

I’m sorry for being helpless when you have health issues


I’m sorry for leaving you

I’m sorry for letting you sleep on the cold icy floor


However… You never stop loving me…

Thank you for being a good companion

Thank you for being a good guard dog


Every time when someone visits our home, you would bark at them

Until one of the family member greeted that person

You would stop barking and welcome that person too

Thank you for your perpetual unconditional love

Thank you for making my days brighter

Thank you for greeting me when I’m back home


I tried to make up things

I tried to make a change

Although it’s too late

I tried to give you the best of me


I hope you like the new toy I bought for you

I hope you like the new bowl I bought for you

I hope you like the treats I bought for you

I hope you like the DIY bed I bought and made for you


I love you


Videos of Chiyu:


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