1. When

❝ 2008 year end, when I was form 1.❞

2. Why

❝ Well, it is fun to wear anime character’s costume. They are cute! XO❞

3. Favourite Anime

❝ Sword Art Online ❞

4. Favourite Character (to cosplay)

❝ Mirai Suenaga, Danny Choo’s mascot. Love sailor fuku much much~❞

5. Events Participated


Anime COSvention ’09 (Boulevard Shopping Mall)

Kuching Open Cosplay Competition (Sarawak Plaza)

Comic Fiesta 2009 (Sunway Piramid Convention Center)

Anime Gathering (Crown Square)


Kuching Festival Cosplay Gathering (Kuching Food Fair)

AniManGaki 2010 (Sunway University College)

Kyan!Me (tHe Spring Mall)


Kyan!Me (The Hills Shopping Mall)

OneJaya Cosplay Competition (OneJaya)

Christmas Gathering Night (tHe Spring Mall)


Comic Fiesta 2013 (KLCC Convention Center)


Comic Fiesta 2014 (KLCC Convention Center)


Major All Stars (Stadium Malawati)

6. CureCos

Suzumiya Haruhi

Yuuki Asuna

Mirai 11 (3 of 1)b_副本

Mirai Suenaga



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