Mirai Suenaga Photoshoot

Mirai 11 (3 of 1)b_副本

Date: 4.10.2013

Venue: Suria KLCC & KL Convention Center

Yuriko Lau as MiraiSuenaga

Photo by Jonathan Wong

Mirai Suenaga (1) (1 of 1)2_副本

It was a sunny day~ Not really hot but Jonathan scare I feel too hot >< He is really a nice person. He came all the way from Selangor for the photoshoot!

Mirai 35 (3 of 1)_副本

Suddenly a flock of Malay students come and take photo with me~ They all thought I’m a Japanese LOL Mirai 37 (3 of 1)_副本_副本

A lady also approached me for photo >< Mirai 13 (3 of 1)_副本

Mirai 4 (3 of 1)b_副本

I realized that I left my phone at KL Convention Center when I was going to change my clothes in the toilet!! OH MY GOD!!

I was so freaked out and nervous!! Feel like crying at that moment!!

Jonathan ran all the way back to KLCC from Sura KLCC just to get my phone back

Luckily someone pick it up and hand it over to the authorities

After that when I walk back to KLCC (alone because Jonathan is very exhausted >< Sorry!) and asked the person at the counter but the guy said no handphone is handed over there

Then a nice lady helped me by lending her phone to me to call my phone ><

It was in the security guard’s pocket!

The security guard escorted me to their office to sign a document and print my IC for record



Hope to have more photoshoot in future!

School Days Photoshoot

Few days ago, I had a photoshoot with my classmates

The theme was School Days

It was taken at my school, Kuching Town No. 1 at 4J

Models: Yuriko Lau & 小慈

Photographer: Jacobs Thang

Hair (my pony tail :p): Qian Ai & Mei Sing

Costumes: Yuriko Lau

Photo edit: Jacobs Thang & Yuriko Lau

I like this picture the most!! Jacobs took this picture :p

Qian Ai took this picture for me and I like it sooo much!!

The best shot that I’ve ever took :p (even though still not pro enough :’D)

My fav shot LOL! #LIKEABOSS

A comic strip made by me ::