Because I want to win this game

I don’t know how to start this

Maybe I’m just typing stupid stuff again

Talking about shit about life

Maybe start from who I think I am?

Well, I think im quite good at studies, not very good but just a lil above average

I always have weird ideas

I like to fantasize about scenarios that would never happen in real life all the time

I’m annoying af and gets annoyed easily

Super lazy, so I’ll think of ways that I can get my shit done the laziest way

I didn’t really love myself

I guess probably most people are struggling with loving themself

I think I’m stubborn

I hate many things

I’m an introvert in real life, I still am

I feel like sometimes my brain is messed up and not messed up at the same time

I think many people hate me

I’ve hurt many people and animals

Well, I hit my dog because I thought that’s the right way to train dogs and get mad when they didn’t get it right

and I’ve bullied people who I thought they deserves it because they’re so shit

I’m no different than those who have bullied me back in school and online

I stole things from people because I thought they owe me

I used to blame about all these behaviours on other people

I blamed it on my family

I blamed it on the person who has forced me to do stuff

I blamed it on people who bullied me at school and online

I blamed it on my teacher who would always find fault in me if given the opportunity because she’s not happy with my mom a.k.a. her colleague or maybe supervisor

I blamed it on people who have broked my heart and trust

Well, I actually did the same shit they did to me

I’m so fucked up in many ways I know it

I know there are many people are struggling to live their life

I am too

I’m trying to live with all these guilt and I can’t seem to let them go

I didn’t walk my dog because I was falling in love with some dude online and I was too lazy

I moved out from my house to pursue studies in other state because I didn’t like my home

I’m really sorry, to my dog

I left him

I’m the one who wanted to take him back home

and I’m also the one who has abandoned him

I know no matter how many times I say sorry and how sorry I am won’t bring him back or change the things I’ve done

So I will only get pets when I’m ready to commit

How about the people I’ve hurt?

I don’t know, I’m a coward

I’m still figuring out

Should I apologize to them?

Should I just be a better person to other people?

I can’t be a perfectly nice person for sure

But I’m trying

I have “friends” that have known me maybe like for few months?

and all of the sudden, they hate me, because people that hates me told them about things

I thought they were telling lies about me

Maybe its their truth, but it wasn’t my truth

I was hurt because no one stand up for me

So i resorted to bullying others to make myself feel better

But that doesn’t mean its ok to do it

It’s something that I’ve always regretted in my life

Maybe during my high school era I am actually not depressed

I was just trying to get attention by saying that I’m depressed and I wanna suicide all that shit

I acted like I was some random stranger’s friend but I’m actually not

I wanted to look like I have friends

I made up some stories, told some lies

I convinced myself that I was depressed and I wanted to die

One day, I really wanted to die

I was screaming

Really hard

I wanted someone to help me

I tried to reach out but

No one really hears me

I feel like I’m drowning in the sea

I cant see the shore or anyone

No one is there

I did get some help

but after that

I feel more lonelier ever

I stopped reaching out for help

I stopped talking about what’s inside my head

People are probably tired of my shit

I’m drowning again

Probably most people are like this

they have friends but they don’t really have people to talk about their shit

You know, everytime I try to disappear

some people will get worried about me

they will ask about me

but when I start to open up

they’re like uh huh, then no reply

I mean what the fuck man

If you don’t mean it, then don’t ask how am I

Sorry I’m not trying to blame but it actually hurts

when you think people care about you but they actually don’t

Yes, you don’t care and it’s ok

Just don’t act like you care because you think it’s your responsiblity

It’s not. It’s ok to not give a fuck. It’s better than giving a false fuck you know?

Okay, maybe people do really care but not in a way I want them to

I got offended because I think people should care about me

I know no one is obligated to give a fuck about me

Only I can change myself to make myself feel better

But those are my thoughts at that moment

When I feel like stop existing

I jokingly said “I want to die”

Actually I really want to die

The reply I got was “yeah you should go die”

I know it’s a joke but I start to realize how serious this kind of joke is

I started get angry when people make jokes about suicide

like when people joke about “why don’t you just kill yourself?” “you should just die”

I know, I know, not everyone is sensitive

I can’t expect everyone to stop making jokes about suicide

I couldn’t say “I want to die” to anyone verbally

I can only type

I’m so tired

I hate it when everyone treats me like a joke

especially when I tell them what I’m actually thinking

the stuff I’m upset about

and not acknowledging my feelings especially people I really care

I really hope someone can stand on my side

Just once..

I guess you reap what you sow

That’s karma

I always have this same nightmare, different dream, different people, different place but it’s the same thing

I’m trying to run away from something or someone

At first it was zombies, then people who hates me a lot

I think it’s probably trauma from my childhood

I was being bullied by relatives too

I have this relative who would suddenly get mad at me and scold me

Try to hit me with a hammer and stuff

then I’ll run away from that relative

Maybe there’s more to that but I remember my childhood was very lonely eventhough I have 2 siblings

I hate people since young

As in I would always hide inside the car when my mother drove me to see other relatives or her friends who likes to talk shit about me

I don’t know if I had anxiety attack or panic attack

I started to get them since last year maybe?

Apparently they are different things

Everytime when I worry about something

I have this feeling like I can’t do anything but I want to do something to stop thinking about the problem

If I’m eating, I’ll lose my appetite immediately

I have this pressure on my chest

Maybe I did have depression

back when I first date a dude

Many people knew what he did to me and some refuse to acknowledge it

They chose to support that dude

It’s ok you do you but they would deliberately try to hurt me

As if I did something to them

I have to be very careful of every single word I said to that guy

if I said something wrong, he would scold me and call my phone

he makes me feel like I did something wrong, I shouldn’t have friends, I shouldn’t enjoy things I love

I have to become who he wants me to become

Then I realized I frequently switch my mobile ringtone when I was dating that dude

It’s one of my mistakes, for dating him

You know why did I switch my ringtone?

Because I always get startled everytime my phone rings

and I started to hate every ringtone I have used

I started to understand what backstabbers are that time

people who would act nice infront of me and secretly supported the guy who harassed me every day

and understand the importance of helping someone, standing up for someone

Strangers did a better job of protecting me than the “friends” I knew that time

I was stupid piece of shit

I thought everything was my fault

I said wrong things and I did wrong things

So I punished myself by hurting myself

I stop eating and sleeping for few days

Hoping that someday my body couldn’t take it and I die

I started to scratch my wrist

I didnt cut my wrist because it would leave scars

I don’t want anyone to see it

Even after breaking up, I was still hurting myself with the same method

for maybe 5-7 years

I was mildly suicidal but I didn’t thought about how to die and stuff you know

I just hope that my body will stop functioning and die

2 years ago something fucked up happened

Something I’d never expect it to happen

That was the worst period of my life

I really wanted to die so bad

I keep replaying my death in my head

How I’m going to cut my wrist

How many family would react when they find out I died

Where am I going to die

How about the place I rent in Australia

Do I move my stuff first?

I don’t want to be a burden to anyone

I was being blamed and pushed away

by the person I loved and cared about

It hurts so deep that I feel like I’m going crazy soon

I had help, at that time.. by my friend

I mean its not my friend’s job to take care of my emotions

but the second time I feel like dying

I tried to reach out to my friend and someone I think I could trust

the reply i got ended with a “haha”

That was the moment I thought to myself

Maybe everyone is like that

No one would be 100% with you all the time

I couldn’t rely on anyone

I know it’s not your responsibility

I cant help but to feel disappointed and hopeless

Then I tried to hurt other people who didn’t know me well

Yeah I stopped contacting them already

My mind was seriously fucked

That time I was hoping maybe these random people could comfort me

and when I got what I want, I will disappear

before I got to actually know them

karma hit me

Really hard

My room got robbed.

Just my room.

Was it my neighbour?

Was it my housemate?

I don’t know

I lost my laptop

I think I should die

I saved up to buy my own laptop instead of stealing

Everytime I open my eyes I will start to cry

Whenever I fall into deep depression like this

every time I wake up from sleep

I would forget about who am I and what happened for maybe 2-3 seconds

then all of these heavy emotions would come back

and then I’ll start to cry

God gave me a second chance

I know, you might be an atheist

I actually prayed to God that the thieves return my laptop

If they actually returned my laptop, I will try stop myself from hurting others

They really returned it.. they left it on my balcony

What’s creepy is my boyfriend helped me to leave a note at my balcony asking them to return my laptop

That means they came back and saw the note… holy shit

I wasn’t only upset about my laptop being stolen

I was also scared, like REALLY SCARED

because someone IS WATCHING ME

I have irregular working hour but I work on every Tuesday

They knew it so they picked Tuesday

It’s my fault I didn’t lock my balcony

My room was so messy

It felt so icky to touch my stuff

I didn’t even feel like sleeping in that room

I was so paranoid

Since then I would always check if I’ve locked the door right and everything

but the nightmares they were different this time

Now I keep getting the same nightmare

Same place, same people

The new nightmare was about people were trying to break in my house (back in my hometown)

I’m constantly guarding my home

I’m constantly in fear

I guess I never got over it

Maybe this is called “trauma”?

A lot of things happened in the house I rented

The people there weren’t nice

They accused me of making drama by “robbing” my own room because I got my laptop back and I didn’t tell them

What the fuck

I didn’t know who to trust so fuck you

You see, when you hurt someone it will leave scars like this

and they will never ever really fade

That’s why I’m angry with myself for hurting other people

because it might leave a scar on them too

My health got worse recently and I realised that I didn’t really want to die

I want to live and continue to achieve more positive goals in my life

I don’t have many friends

I don’t have good childhood memories

but I don’t want to die

I don’t want my haters to win

I want to live a life better than them

I want to do better and be a better person

I want to become an emotionally invunerable person

I want to win this game

Comic Fiesta 2016

1 year ago..

I was kind of inspired by a Singaporean name 阿福 to learn how to play meepo.

He has the highest solo mmr in SEA at that time but his hero pool is limited to meepo only.

He can’t play other heroes or he will feed hahahaha

It was quite fun coz it’s like tab poof tab poof tab poof tab poof omgg

And meepo is quite popular in that patch

So I decided to add meepo in my cosplay plan and told the D2MC family about it

Initially I wanted to cosplay meepo myself coz I don’t think anyone will join me xD

But surprisingly Shaunie suggested to form a secret meepo squad for 2015’s Comic Fiesta.

She dragged Hui Min, Grace and Micho to cosplay together xD

That year the plan was cancelled because I won’t be back to Malaysia until early 2016.

Plans and drafts

I decided to continue the plan this year because I got an internship in Malaysia

I also found a white wig laying in my house (in Malaysia) xDD

But Desi joined us instead of Micho because she already had plans that year DX

Nvm no ultra big tetek cosplayer to steal the spotlight HAHAHA

I took my old meepo cosplay design and made some amendments so that the costume is not that hard to make

Initially it was like this, the right side one is final draft in 2015 (I lub pleated skirt/dress <3):


But then after some edits and advises, it’s like this:


Turns out damn cute lar >///<

I expect my group is like do their own stuffs lolol but no!

They are actually quite organised!!

Hui Min helped to draft the patterns of our costume and props!

She teach us what materials to use etc etc!!


Other members also taught me how to make my props as well cuz it’s my first time making cosplay props lolol! (the templar assassin one damn cheat lar, its koko krunch box + paper + water colour haha, not really the real deal)

I actually wanted to make the skull keyblade too but my luggage is like can fit 35 cm only 😦

So I ended up making aghanim’s scepter coz it’s detachable hahaha

We ordered all of our stuffs in Taobao (ears, tails, hoodie, crop top, skirt, pumpkin shorts and furry animal legs <<this bobo didnt reach in time so we kaki ayam hahaha)

The making of Meebobo

It was quite rush making the costume and props when I was back to Sarawak on 1 December (cuz I can’t make it in KL) + I have work so not really much time to make it



Using doge’s pedicure thingie to smooth the edgesss


Scepter gem without bottom because haven’t bought LED light + keys for the back of mipo!

The freaking skulls bird is the most kacao 1! I made it thrice! Now gonna make the fourth time liao

Everyone hates the bird lolol most of us made it twice coz no idea how to get the round smooth shape


Bird head base! Tried to use EVA foam to make and failed ;_;

After that I use my sis’ bra HAHAHA coz big enough LOLOL, failed and brain function a bit so I use the inside of a bowl to make the round shape


My first bird head ugly af LOLOL

Second bird head still ugly lar but better a lot liao!!


Spent lots of time acquiring the materials as well coz not sure where to get those stuffs also

Made the scepter with hard plastic cover for assignments LOLOL Googled the pattern for diamond origami

Not really nice if u look closer coz I didnt cut properly T_T


Insert mini LED from Daiso for the effect!


I purposely take 1 day unpaid leave just to rush all these stuffs coz really not enough time 😦

Spent like 2 weeks to do and coz keep remake or accidentally smudge the paint or something (coz u have to wait the paint to dry so wasted a lot of time on painting)

Didn’t have much sleep also 😦

Keep chiong my props once I came back home till 12am++ only take my dinner then sleep

Arriving KL on Friday

My cb Aussie bestie Carmen lied to me that she’ll pick me up at the airport.

She pakat with my bf so that my bf can give me surprise.

No wonder my bf keep calling me asking me where am I but my friend offline 1 hour already wtf


But that night my bf also haz to go coz he got tournament at JB the next day T_T

Lonely night that day T^T

Comic Fiesta Preparation

Set alarm woke up at 9am because these few weeks not enough sleep!


Proceed to makeup etc and attach some of my props but unfortunately, my scepter’s sides keep drop down

Even when the taxi arrived I have to tell him to give me a sec to fix my props

I was holding the scepter’s gem part so it wouldn’t fall apart if i knock it or something during the whole trip to PWTC

I reached PWTC around 12pm and dragging ma luggage along coz gonna sleep at different location that night

Went to toilet and change my clothes + wear my wig and then I sohai

I don’t want to go inside the toilet cubicle coz lazy to wait hahaha

I wore fnatic shirt which is loose enough for me to change my cloths inside

So I accidentally hit my bird skull then it fell on my freaking gem

so FCK my scepter’s side thingie patah



One second, its a GG liao!!

The moment I walk out from the toilet, unexpected thing happen..

People actually recognise me and said “Meepo! Meepo! Aghanim’s Scepter!”

Wow coz I think this set is a bit unique and not much people will own this meepo set

Didn’t expect people to recognise me even I’m not with my team!


Photo by: Cheah Kwee-Onn

I told the photog my scepter wings patah hahaha

He damn smart xia he adjust my prop to the side so that it looks like side view of my scepter

Comic Fiesta Day 1

I meet up with the other meebobos inside the event hall

We decided to paint our toenails black coz our shoes didn’t arrive in time

It’s so cute watching meepos helping each other XDD

Hui Min sacrificed her leather fabric to make leg cuffs for us so our legs doesn’t look plain!


Sorry guys if we rejected for photo that time because we were waiting for our nail polish to dry as we couldn’t really pose for photos

I wasn’t good with poses coz I completed my scepter on the day before I was going to fly to KL :((


Sorry can’t remember who took this! Do pm me if you took this so that I can credit you!

Didn’t get much time to prepare for it

And usually I cosplay schoolgirls hahaha

I love our height! Coz we haz 2 shorties and 2 tallies so it’s kinda like balanced

We went to the props fixing station which is really nice because there’s so much tools to use!

Fixed my scepter and we proceed to the food court

So much people taking our pictures and someone even requested us to poof HAHA

We went to eat then ok my props start to poof again, went back to Pylox for fixing

Really sorry guys my scepter too fragile that I think most of our photos my scepter like one side got wings only ;_;

Anyway, I learnt a lesson that day

It was the first time me cosplaying with a big prop like scepter

Some people requested to hold my prop or touched my prop (without asking) when taking photos

NEVER EVER let anyone hold ur prop unless ur prop sturdy af


People swinging my scepter like a wrecking ball


Please don’t peepur, protect ma prop, it’s damn fragile

Be gentle please and do not touch my prop unless I allow u to do so because the wings are so fragile that it might break anytime ;_;

After that Jam-sama help us shoot some photos behind Pylox

That area was like a road with trees at the side

I think Jam-sama did a great job coz even the background so ugly he also managed to shoot it like it’s very realistic ><

Thanks to Thomas the saikang-sama for helping us to hold our stuffs and communicate with Jam (coz I’m quite shy with new ppl ><)

Met Dec Dec the pinoy tinker cosplayer there! Was so surprised that he’s really friendly

Again, I’m too shy to talk more lolol sorry Dec-sama

We had some amazing indoor shootings and did the mannequin challenge hahaha

Looking forward to our photos!!

I’m really grateful for every meebobos’ teamwork and cooperation!!

Without u guys, our meebobo surprise cosplan wouldn’t happen

Although we didn’t get to shop at the booth, it was a great day for me!!

It’s the best cosplay group I’ve ever had. Seriously. Best af.

Comic Fiesta Day 2

I gay with my bestie, Tamao on day 2.

We cosplayed Emilia from Re:Zero together!


Photo from Eric Yeoh

I was so sick on Day 2 I don’t know why

Probably because I’m very hungry and lack of sleep for few days

I sneezed, which is a disaster for my makeup ugh

Tamao lent me her Emilia cape because I don’t have braids ><


Photo by Tenkawa Akito

We got stopped by tons of people LOLOL

which I feel very shiok la HAHAHA

like 24/7 surrounded by people taking photos of us

We end up didn’t make it to the booth area because it was closing by the time we reach there

so I actually never visited the booth area for 2 days

At the end of the day I called GrabCar when I think it is time for my flight

Thanks to Thomas and Shaunie for taking care of me and sorry I took off my “stuffs” in front of you guys HAHAHA coz I didn’t wanna look weird

After event

I’m sorry to those people who got rejected by me when they ask for photos :((

Was very rush to the airport

I almost miss my flight due to the jam D:

Thank God I arrived just on time man

And I really appreciate Shaunie for letting me to sleep next to her XD

and Thomas for sending us to the venue

I guess that’s all lolol byes *goes to Dota*

Zalora Malaysia Review

Hello guys! I have something good to share with you all here!

I have a 15% discount voucher code which is for FIRST TIME CUSTOMER only @

Voucher Code: ZBAPQ2L3

If you doubt Zalora is legit and trustable, you can choose “Cash on Delivery”.

It is safer to do so because I had used CoD when I first purchase from Zalora

But the downside of CoD is you have to prepare the exact amount of money

Quick Review

  • Product Quality: ❤❤❤❤♡

I bought a pair of sandals and I ordered them at the size I usually wear (38 EU)


When I received it, I find it a size bigger than my leg :((

  • Price: ❤❤❤❤♡

Their stuffs are super cheap during special sales event!

Before sales event:


During sales event:


Same item super different price!!

I bought my Olay Regenerist Specialty Cleanser Device at RM 54.95(Normally it costs RM100++)!!


BUT! Some of their stuffs are quite pricey because they are big brands D:

  • Efficiency: ❤❤❤❤❤

SUPER EFFICIENT! I remember I placed my first order on Monday midnight (around 3-4am)

My order was confirmed and shipped in the afternoon!

I got my sandals on the next day!

  • Packaging: ❤❤❤❤❤

Usually they put my stuffs in a box (slightly bigger than shoe box) regardless of how small the stuffs I order

The parcel that contains my Olay Regenerist Specialty Cleanser Device had many air bags inside!

They also provide shipping bag and Poslaju deliver form inside your parcel

And yes, you MUST use Poslaju to return your item

  • Customer Service: ❤❤❤❤♡

You can’t call Zalora’s customer service number because their staffs are forever not available

But you can email them or message their Facebook

They’ll reply you faster via Facebook than email

However, if you don’t have a Facebook account, don’t worry!

They’ll reply your email within 48 hours

  • Delivery: ❤❤❤♡♡

They use GDEX (courier service)

It is better to use CoD because the postman will call you before they deliver your item

Sometimes they might delay the delivery :/

Like Zalora’s customer service number, you can’t call GDEX customer service number too

You have to call the BRANCH customer service number

You can find their branch customer service number or even the branch manager’s number here

Select Network > State > Branch Area

If they don’t pick up your call, you have to spam as much calls as you can because they lack of manpower (that’s what occurred they told me when I went to their office)!


I have returned my stuffs for refund and exchange multiple times.

To return the item back to Zalora, you have to fill up the form in the invoice, put the item(s) and the form inside the original shipping package and seal it

Head to the nearest PosLaju office, give them the parcel and the PosLaju deliver form, that’s it.

Returning the item is FOC and hassle free (at least to me haha).

Keep in mind that they will not refund you CASH but they’ll refund you in the form of store credit instead.

You may wonder how did I get this voucher code

Well, I’m currently a brand ambassador of Zalora Malaysia!

I became their ambassador through their Brand Ambassador Program!

Anyone can become Zalora’s brand ambassador as long you receive an email 😀

So if you use that voucher code, I’ll get commission based on how much you spent

And that’s a win-win situation! ^_^

That’s all for today!

Hope you enjoy shopping @ Zalora with the discount voucher code I’ve provided above!!

Useless Q&A that might be useful for you

Everyday I get almost the same questions about me. So to quench your thirst, I’ve made this Q&A ;D

每一天几乎都有人会问我同样的问题~我这人很不耐烦所以做了这个Q&A来解答你的问题啦!(注:Q=问题 A=答案)



Q: Hi, can you introduce yourself?


A: Hi, I’m Yuriko Lau, 19 this year. I’m from Sarawak but currently residing at Kuala Lumpur. Oh and I’m still a student.

你好,我是Yuriko Lau,今年19岁,来自砂捞越但现在住在吉隆坡,我是学生。

Q: Do you have a boyfriend?


A: Yes.

Q: Can I have your WeChat? 


A: No.

Q: Why? It’s not like I’d do anything to u…


A: I have my own privacy.


Q: Can you help me to like this page/picture/status?


A: No.



Q: Do you play DotA 2?

你有玩DotA 2吗?

A: Yes.

Q: Are you a pro player?


A: No. I consider myself as an average player.


Q: What is your role?


A: I play support most of the time in MMR, seldom offlane. I do play solo mid and carry in public games too.



Q: What is your favourite hero?


A: Priestess of the Moon.


Q: Do you stream?


A: No. My pc is too laggy even when there is a war in the game. BUT, I have a channel!


Yes, occasionally haha. Do visit my channel!!


Q: What are the other games you play besides DotA 2?


A: For now, I only play The Sims 4 (offline). I do play other MOBA games like League of Legends (LoL) and Heroes of Newerth (HoN) but I uninstalled them recently.

我现在只有玩The Sims 4(下线)。我也有玩英雄联盟(LoL)和超神英雄(HoN),但是最近卸载了。

Q: Can I play with you? What’s your id?


A: No, not adding people I don’t know for now.




1. I’m kinda like cold to strangers lol. 我对陌生人比较冷淡。

2. Do not question me about where am I staying. I’ll ignore those messages :) 不要问我住哪里,我会直接无视你的。

3. I do rage in games 😀 So DO NOT EVER play with me if you play like an idiot i.e. KS my kills, abandon game, blame the others while you’re not good at all. 我打游戏会发脾气的哦,所以如果你玩得像傻逼一样(比如抢杀,退出游戏,乱喷队友),千万别跟我一起玩哦~

4. As I mentioned, I consider myself as an average player, I don’t think I’m a pro BUT I hate “new player advice” i.e. how to stack neutral creeps, the use of certain items etc. 我不喜欢别人教我打游戏,我的意思是比如说教我如何拉兵之类的基本知识。

P/S: Added some vain pics so that it looks more interesting :p 加了一些自拍照所以你不会觉得很无趣~

Female Gamer in Gaming Community

This article is purely what I have experienced as a female gamer, it does not represents all female gamer in the community and the words “guys” and “males” used in this post do not necessary mean ALL GUYS/MALES.


1. Trust

Well, as most of us know, there are lots of guys pretending to be girls in game. These guys, no, these jerks will cheat items or anything valuable to them from the guys. So most of the guy’s don’t really trust that girl gamer exists as there are less female gamer out there.  If you are a girl, they probably won’t believe it just because you are a girl and you might not act like one until you give them proofs. Some guys might request ridiculous proofs such as nude photo etc. I use my own picture in game, so some guys, in a rude way, like to  tell me that I shouldn’t pretend to be a girl or use other girl’s picture as my display picture. I would reply them through my microphone so that they would shut the fuck up.

2. Females should go back to the kitchen

So if they believed that you are a girl, these jerks will mock you with sexist comments. So you think ONLY GIRLS play Hello Kitty Online? Or MOBA games are designed for MALES ONLY? Or the kitchen is a room designed for females only? I saw these guys, Malaysians, yes, my own countrymen, they commented on a picture of a female DotA tournament and said that Malaysian girls do not play games, they sleep and eat all the time. OK. Then after a few days, the tournament page posted a picture of a Malaysian girl team. Then these typical idiots come and mock that the girls aren’t pro and some nasty comments. Wtf they want seriously.

3.  Attention

Well, there are so many perverted guys online. These perverts will start to say something really disturbing like suck my dick. There are also guys that will treat u really really good like buy in game items for you or even reload your phone credit. But I felt that these attentions are unnecessary. After all, we all have one thing common, that is passion for the game. It’s not something really special like a dog playing COD or something you know.  These attentions made me feel like, like everytime people ask me “are you a girl?”, before I hesitate whether to answer “no” or not, my friend will answer “yes” first. I’m so afraid of these unwanted attentions and I fear that people might think that I admit that I’m a girl because I want attention. When I talk through microphone, I get response like “can you talk more? your voice is nice” “omg it’s a girl!!” “can you be my girlfriend?”. It is also undeniable that these attention contribute to tonnes of friend requests.

4. This is the first time I saw a girl playing DotA

Okay, I’m not saying that people who said this is a jerk but I’ve heard about it like 2903478932752984753475 times and it’s like telling a guy that “this is the first time I saw a guy cooks”. Games aren’t just for guys only.

5. Cat war

Some girls are ego and selfish, for instance, they will pick carry all the time even if the team needs support. If they can’t get kills or they die or the game loses, they’ll start to blame everyone including their friends. These attention whores, like to fight for attention or argue with other female gamer for no reason. Well, maybe because of jealousy or something, I don’t know. I’ve once involved in a female team and it is a very very painful experience because my teammates (two of them) verbally abuse my friends and I. They use harsh words and never care about our feelings at all. After they did this to me, one of the girl told others that I’ve been kicked out from her team. In fact, I’m the one who left the team and I even deleted the page that I have made for them. Keep in mind that not only female gamer can be bitches, there are lots of non-gamer bitches out there too. Lucky me, now I have a gang of good girl friends who play DotA 2 with me :> Some of them are very skillful, some of them are not. Well, it doesn’t matter if they are pro or sucks in DotA 2, the attitude matters.

How to Delete Shortcut Virus (Bilingual)

This virus is also known as VBS virus.

1.Right click the taskbar

2. Select “Task Manager
选择Task Manager


The Task Manager will then pop out.

3.Click “Processes” tab

4. Locate “wscript.exe” and select the “wscript.exe”

5.Then press “End Process
然后按End Process


Tips 1: Ending the process of “wscript.exe will stop the virus from duplicating itself again after you delete the virus.

6.Click “Start“.

7. Then select “Control Panel“.
然后选择Control Panel


8.Next, click “Folder Options“.
接下来打开Folder Options


The Folder Options will pop out.

9. Click the “View” tab.

10. Select “Show hidden files and folders
选择Show hidden files and folders

11. UntickHide protected operating system files (Recommended)
然后不要勾 Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)


Tips 2: By doing so, the virus and your files and folders are now visible.

12. Go to your pendrive


13.Delete vbs virus and all shortcuts



Tips 3: This is how the VBS virus looks like

14. DownloadMCShield” which is an antivirus program for pendrive and it will make your files and folders visible again.

15. Open MCShield when the download has finished. DONE!

Tips 4: Go back to the Folder Options and click “Restore Default” and your settings are normal again!
如果你想设定回全部东西,打开Folder Options然后按Restore Default即可。


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