Today I chatted about my old blogs (not this one) with my friends, Stephanie.

As I read through my blog posts, I realized I’m a weirdo and there are 2 words kept popping out in my posts —— alone, single.

But it’s true that until now I still use the word “alone” to describe my life.

I once wrote a very silly and cute post and I would like to share it here!

Legendary of the Lebbit’s Name>> Rabbit -> Labbit -> Lebbit

“Rabbit! Rabbit! Big ear Rabbit is coming!”said a Rabbit. After the other rabbit heard that Rabbit’s red alert saying that the Big Ear Rabbit is coming, they all run away. Here comes a Big Ear Rabbit. Big Ear Rabbit have a Big Shiny Ears and it even glows. Big Ear Rabbit is always a lonely rabbit in Kuching,Sarawak, Malaysia. On 24th December (unknown year), that is Christmas Eve, Santa sneaked in Big Ear Rabbit’s house and Big Ear Rabbit was sleeping. He waked up Big Ear Rabbit and said “Ho! Ho! Ho! Big Ear Rabbit! You had a shiny big ear! Could you guide my sleigh tonight?!”. Big Ear Rabbit was shocked and replied “Eh? Your Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer neh?”. Santa replied “Oh! Ho! Ho! Ho! Rudolf had already expired and now is your turn to guild my sleigh!”. Big Ear Rabbit said “Ho! Ho! Ho! Your head. You’re singing Horlicks’ song? Okay, I’ll guide your sleigh tonight “. Santa said “Oh Big Ear Rabbit, your name is too long, can I call you Rabbit?” Big Ear Rabbit replied “No!!! It’s too simple! Since Kuching people pronounce Rabbit as Labbit, what about name me Labbit?” Santa quickly replied “No! Labbit sounds like “Labi-Labi” (Spider in Malaysian Language)! Why don’t we change it to Lebbit?” Big Ear Rabbit jumped happily and said excitedly “Sure! Sure!”. And this is how Lebbit got her name =3

Lebbit is still lonely but she had some friends with reindeer. Her best friend is Rudolf!


I can’t believe I wrote something like this HAHAHAHA

I think I wrote that when I was 12 years old!

That was the time I had no friends at school and addicted to a MMORPG, Ragnarok Online.

My only friends were those online friends. T_T

I lied to them that I was born in 1989 (I was born in 1995) so that they won’t treat me like a child LOLOL

And and and I used to be an otaku (anime person), now I only watch 0-2 anime in a year because I think most of the new anime sucks or it has a lot of episodes. (Lazy to catch up. I used to watch One Piece until episode 300+ I think)

I often admire those people who can maintain their friendship for many years (like besties forever). T_T

But I’m grateful that I have a best friend from my secondary school who will always find time to hang out with me when I’m back at my hometown even though we don’t chat via social network.

It’s like, we never had to maintain our relationship!

Honestly, I never thought that Stephanie and I would become friends and play together (I can say frequently).

My past experience with girls who play DotA, most of them are quite busy, they have their own gang or we don’t like each other LOLOL

I met Stephanie for the first time at a steamboat dinner and I stalked her Facebook profile because I heard she is a DotA 2 player

But I didn’t add her because I’m afraid that she might “seen” my Facebook message or never had a chance to play together and it would seems like she never existed in my friend list.

I was so touched and happy when she add me and we played together

Since I live in KL, I met a lot of girl gamers! I’m really happy LOL

Because most of them are kinda like me

They use profanity, so do I

I felt like I’m being myself when I’m with them

No one will tell you to stop using vulgarities

I also have lovely classmates, they are absolutely better a lot compared to my primary school and secondary school classmates

I used to look back at my past memories a lot

I wonder if I could revive some broken friendships

I wonder if I could make some changes

But I realized, I can only take the past as a lesson and look forward haha

Useless Q&A that might be useful for you

Everyday I get almost the same questions about me. So to quench your thirst, I’ve made this Q&A ;D

每一天几乎都有人会问我同样的问题~我这人很不耐烦所以做了这个Q&A来解答你的问题啦!(注:Q=问题 A=答案)



Q: Hi, can you introduce yourself?


A: Hi, I’m Yuriko Lau, 19 this year. I’m from Sarawak but currently residing at Kuala Lumpur. Oh and I’m still a student.

你好,我是Yuriko Lau,今年19岁,来自砂捞越但现在住在吉隆坡,我是学生。

Q: Do you have a boyfriend?


A: Yes.

Q: Can I have your WeChat? 


A: No.

Q: Why? It’s not like I’d do anything to u…


A: I have my own privacy.


Q: Can you help me to like this page/picture/status?


A: No.



Q: Do you play DotA 2?

你有玩DotA 2吗?

A: Yes.

Q: Are you a pro player?


A: No. I consider myself as an average player.


Q: What is your role?


A: I play support most of the time in MMR, seldom offlane. I do play solo mid and carry in public games too.



Q: What is your favourite hero?


A: Priestess of the Moon.


Q: Do you stream?


A: No. My pc is too laggy even when there is a war in the game. BUT, I have a channel!


Yes, occasionally haha. Do visit my channel!!


Q: What are the other games you play besides DotA 2?


A: For now, I only play The Sims 4 (offline). I do play other MOBA games like League of Legends (LoL) and Heroes of Newerth (HoN) but I uninstalled them recently.

我现在只有玩The Sims 4(下线)。我也有玩英雄联盟(LoL)和超神英雄(HoN),但是最近卸载了。

Q: Can I play with you? What’s your id?


A: No, not adding people I don’t know for now.




1. I’m kinda like cold to strangers lol. 我对陌生人比较冷淡。

2. Do not question me about where am I staying. I’ll ignore those messages :) 不要问我住哪里,我会直接无视你的。

3. I do rage in games 😀 So DO NOT EVER play with me if you play like an idiot i.e. KS my kills, abandon game, blame the others while you’re not good at all. 我打游戏会发脾气的哦,所以如果你玩得像傻逼一样(比如抢杀,退出游戏,乱喷队友),千万别跟我一起玩哦~

4. As I mentioned, I consider myself as an average player, I don’t think I’m a pro BUT I hate “new player advice” i.e. how to stack neutral creeps, the use of certain items etc. 我不喜欢别人教我打游戏,我的意思是比如说教我如何拉兵之类的基本知识。

P/S: Added some vain pics so that it looks more interesting :p 加了一些自拍照所以你不会觉得很无趣~

Candylicious Puffy 3 Tone Blue Lens Review

DSC_0284 DSC_0285


Indoor Lighting



Outdoor Lighting

Design: 5/5

The lens have 3 colours: Dark blue, blue & yellow. They look very natural when I put them on! They are very suitable for Asian cosplayer who wants to cosplay as western character (with blue eyes).


Indoor Lighting


Indoor Lighting

Colour: 5/5

The colour is very very vibrant yet it doesn’t seems very fake!


Backlight (Night)

Comfort: 4.5/5

Quite comfortable even when I wore them to cold places (e.g. mall) for a long time, they only cause mild discomfort (like feel a bit dry).

Enlargement: 4.5/5

The seller stated that the diameter of the lens are 16mm, however I felt the diameter of the lens are 15mm~


Natural Indoor Lighting (Day)

Price: 5/5

Bought it for RM13 including postage *o* Super cheap!

Indoor Lighting


Indoor Lighting

Overall: 5/5

These lens look very very natural!! I want to get the brown one!!

Candylicious Sugar Candy Hazel Lens


The lens~~

So few months ago I ordered 3 pairs of Candylicious lens at JBTALKS from DevilVinC for RM13 each.

If you purchase 3 pair of lens or above, you’ll get free postage~



So cute *o*


Candylicious Sugar Candy Hazel Lens



Candylicious Sugar Candy Hazel Lens

These lens are very popular among the Japanese~


Indoor Lighting

Design: 5/5


Indoor Lighting

The design is very simple yet cute! They have a very thick limbal rings, so if you are looking for lens that looks natural, these lens are not suitable for you! I actually have a pair of Super Barbie Sugar Candy Brown (same design) before.

Colour: 4/5


Backlight (Day)

The colour is not very vibrant but still noticeable.

Comfort: 4/5


Outdoor Lighting

It is a bit dry >< Not suitable for those with sensitive eyes.

Enlargement: 5/5


Outdoor Lighting

They have diameter of 16mm PLUS the thick limba ring makes your eyes look bigger!

Price: 5/5


Outdoor Lighting

Very cheap! As mentioned, they only cost RM13!!

Overall: 5/5

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Although they look simple, they make my eyes round and big when I wore them! No wonder the Japanese love them! Besides, the price is cheap and affordable!!

Female Gamer in Gaming Community

This article is purely what I have experienced as a female gamer, it does not represents all female gamer in the community and the words “guys” and “males” used in this post do not necessary mean ALL GUYS/MALES.


1. Trust

Well, as most of us know, there are lots of guys pretending to be girls in game. These guys, no, these jerks will cheat items or anything valuable to them from the guys. So most of the guy’s don’t really trust that girl gamer exists as there are less female gamer out there.  If you are a girl, they probably won’t believe it just because you are a girl and you might not act like one until you give them proofs. Some guys might request ridiculous proofs such as nude photo etc. I use my own picture in game, so some guys, in a rude way, like to  tell me that I shouldn’t pretend to be a girl or use other girl’s picture as my display picture. I would reply them through my microphone so that they would shut the fuck up.

2. Females should go back to the kitchen

So if they believed that you are a girl, these jerks will mock you with sexist comments. So you think ONLY GIRLS play Hello Kitty Online? Or MOBA games are designed for MALES ONLY? Or the kitchen is a room designed for females only? I saw these guys, Malaysians, yes, my own countrymen, they commented on a picture of a female DotA tournament and said that Malaysian girls do not play games, they sleep and eat all the time. OK. Then after a few days, the tournament page posted a picture of a Malaysian girl team. Then these typical idiots come and mock that the girls aren’t pro and some nasty comments. Wtf they want seriously.

3.  Attention

Well, there are so many perverted guys online. These perverts will start to say something really disturbing like suck my dick. There are also guys that will treat u really really good like buy in game items for you or even reload your phone credit. But I felt that these attentions are unnecessary. After all, we all have one thing common, that is passion for the game. It’s not something really special like a dog playing COD or something you know.  These attentions made me feel like, like everytime people ask me “are you a girl?”, before I hesitate whether to answer “no” or not, my friend will answer “yes” first. I’m so afraid of these unwanted attentions and I fear that people might think that I admit that I’m a girl because I want attention. When I talk through microphone, I get response like “can you talk more? your voice is nice” “omg it’s a girl!!” “can you be my girlfriend?”. It is also undeniable that these attention contribute to tonnes of friend requests.

4. This is the first time I saw a girl playing DotA

Okay, I’m not saying that people who said this is a jerk but I’ve heard about it like 2903478932752984753475 times and it’s like telling a guy that “this is the first time I saw a guy cooks”. Games aren’t just for guys only.

5. Cat war

Some girls are ego and selfish, for instance, they will pick carry all the time even if the team needs support. If they can’t get kills or they die or the game loses, they’ll start to blame everyone including their friends. These attention whores, like to fight for attention or argue with other female gamer for no reason. Well, maybe because of jealousy or something, I don’t know. I’ve once involved in a female team and it is a very very painful experience because my teammates (two of them) verbally abuse my friends and I. They use harsh words and never care about our feelings at all. After they did this to me, one of the girl told others that I’ve been kicked out from her team. In fact, I’m the one who left the team and I even deleted the page that I have made for them. Keep in mind that not only female gamer can be bitches, there are lots of non-gamer bitches out there too. Lucky me, now I have a gang of good girl friends who play DotA 2 with me :> Some of them are very skillful, some of them are not. Well, it doesn’t matter if they are pro or sucks in DotA 2, the attitude matters.

How to Delete Shortcut Virus (Bilingual)

This virus is also known as VBS virus.

1.Right click the taskbar

2. Select “Task Manager
选择Task Manager


The Task Manager will then pop out.

3.Click “Processes” tab

4. Locate “wscript.exe” and select the “wscript.exe”

5.Then press “End Process
然后按End Process


Tips 1: Ending the process of “wscript.exe will stop the virus from duplicating itself again after you delete the virus.

6.Click “Start“.

7. Then select “Control Panel“.
然后选择Control Panel


8.Next, click “Folder Options“.
接下来打开Folder Options


The Folder Options will pop out.

9. Click the “View” tab.

10. Select “Show hidden files and folders
选择Show hidden files and folders

11. UntickHide protected operating system files (Recommended)
然后不要勾 Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)


Tips 2: By doing so, the virus and your files and folders are now visible.

12. Go to your pendrive


13.Delete vbs virus and all shortcuts



Tips 3: This is how the VBS virus looks like

14. DownloadMCShield” which is an antivirus program for pendrive and it will make your files and folders visible again.

15. Open MCShield when the download has finished. DONE!

Tips 4: Go back to the Folder Options and click “Restore Default” and your settings are normal again!
如果你想设定回全部东西,打开Folder Options然后按Restore Default即可。

6 Types of Annoying Online Customers in Malaysia

1# Comment “pm” on your thread/post

Pm means private/personal message. This kind of customer is very common in Malaysia. It is annoying only in certain situation such as you have already put up every single detail of the items that you are selling and they just reply/comment “pm” on your thread/post.  It is really confusing because you don’t know what does the customer wants to know about. Even worse, 3# will occur after you pm them yourself.

2# Hey, I am interested in one of your stuffs that you are selling! Add me!

Sorry to say that this kind of customer is a lazy fuck. You have the fucking time to comment/reply on my thread/post but have no time to click the “add as friend” button or “message”? And after I add that guy, he didn’t even message me. wtf. He waited for me to message him. wtf WTF. Next time I will ignore this kind of lazy fucks already.

3# Never read the description

Another lazy fuck. This  type of customer doesn’t even read the description of the item you’re selling. I type every single important details clearly but these lazy fucks loves to see my reply even though I gave them a link where there is clear description about the items I’m selling.

4# Customers are always right

Bullshit. Sellers are also human. We have feelings and we are not your servant, so fuck off if you don’t treat us like human while you’re fighting for your so called equality in this country. There is one customer who wants to  COD (cash on delivery) at Times Square but I rejected because it was kinda far for me and I cannot wake up on that time. So after that she said that she will go to Festival City Mall (15 minutes walking distance from the place I’m renting) for COD but I asked her to come to the hospital nearby (which is the next bus station after Festival City and 5 minutes walking distance from my place) instead since she is going by bus. This girl started to tell me that she already tolerate me to meetup at Festival City bla bla bla. wtf. You kept ask me to sell reserved items to you and offered higher price and I’ve rejected nicely already. Who is tolerating with who?

5# Pilots

MOST customers who requested for reservation will cancel their order and they won’t even let you know about it. They won’t pick up your calls or reply your SMS. They are great pilots. Never ever reserve (long-term) something for someone if they don’t pay deposit because you might end up getting ffk-ed.

6# Scammers

The scammers will ask you to send them the items first without paying or pay half. If you reject, they will start to accuse you as a scammer.


Well, these are all my experience as a trader. If you are one of them and are offended, kindly click the “x” button located on the top right of your browser, thank you. Honestly, I never disrespect my customers and always tolerate with them even if they are listed here unless they try to destroy my reputation. Thanks for reading my rantings as a seller LOL