Today I chatted about my old blogs (not this one) with my friends, Stephanie.

As I read through my blog posts, I realized I’m a weirdo and there are 2 words kept popping out in my posts —— alone, single.

But it’s true that until now I still use the word “alone” to describe my life.

I once wrote a very silly and cute post and I would like to share it here!

Legendary of the Lebbit’s Name>> Rabbit -> Labbit -> Lebbit

“Rabbit! Rabbit! Big ear Rabbit is coming!”said a Rabbit. After the other rabbit heard that Rabbit’s red alert saying that the Big Ear Rabbit is coming, they all run away. Here comes a Big Ear Rabbit. Big Ear Rabbit have a Big Shiny Ears and it even glows. Big Ear Rabbit is always a lonely rabbit in Kuching,Sarawak, Malaysia. On 24th December (unknown year), that is Christmas Eve, Santa sneaked in Big Ear Rabbit’s house and Big Ear Rabbit was sleeping. He waked up Big Ear Rabbit and said “Ho! Ho! Ho! Big Ear Rabbit! You had a shiny big ear! Could you guide my sleigh tonight?!”. Big Ear Rabbit was shocked and replied “Eh? Your Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer neh?”. Santa replied “Oh! Ho! Ho! Ho! Rudolf had already expired and now is your turn to guild my sleigh!”. Big Ear Rabbit said “Ho! Ho! Ho! Your head. You’re singing Horlicks’ song? Okay, I’ll guide your sleigh tonight “. Santa said “Oh Big Ear Rabbit, your name is too long, can I call you Rabbit?” Big Ear Rabbit replied “No!!! It’s too simple! Since Kuching people pronounce Rabbit as Labbit, what about name me Labbit?” Santa quickly replied “No! Labbit sounds like “Labi-Labi” (Spider in Malaysian Language)! Why don’t we change it to Lebbit?” Big Ear Rabbit jumped happily and said excitedly “Sure! Sure!”. And this is how Lebbit got her name =3

Lebbit is still lonely but she had some friends with reindeer. Her best friend is Rudolf!


I can’t believe I wrote something like this HAHAHAHA

I think I wrote that when I was 12 years old!

That was the time I had no friends at school and addicted to a MMORPG, Ragnarok Online.

My only friends were those online friends. T_T

I lied to them that I was born in 1989 (I was born in 1995) so that they won’t treat me like a child LOLOL

And and and I used to be an otaku (anime person), now I only watch 0-2 anime in a year because I think most of the new anime sucks or it has a lot of episodes. (Lazy to catch up. I used to watch One Piece until episode 300+ I think)

I often admire those people who can maintain their friendship for many years (like besties forever). T_T

But I’m grateful that I have a best friend from my secondary school who will always find time to hang out with me when I’m back at my hometown even though we don’t chat via social network.

It’s like, we never had to maintain our relationship!

Honestly, I never thought that Stephanie and I would become friends and play together (I can say frequently).

My past experience with girls who play DotA, most of them are quite busy, they have their own gang or we don’t like each other LOLOL

I met Stephanie for the first time at a steamboat dinner and I stalked her Facebook profile because I heard she is a DotA 2 player

But I didn’t add her because I’m afraid that she might “seen” my Facebook message or never had a chance to play together and it would seems like she never existed in my friend list.

I was so touched and happy when she add me and we played together

Since I live in KL, I met a lot of girl gamers! I’m really happy LOL

Because most of them are kinda like me

They use profanity, so do I

I felt like I’m being myself when I’m with them

No one will tell you to stop using vulgarities

I also have lovely classmates, they are absolutely better a lot compared to my primary school and secondary school classmates

I used to look back at my past memories a lot

I wonder if I could revive some broken friendships

I wonder if I could make some changes

But I realized, I can only take the past as a lesson and look forward haha