T-Ara Q&A

T-Ara is a South Korea girl group which currently consists of 7 members: Soyeon(Leader), Jiyeon(Face of Group), Hyomin, Eunjung, Boram and Areum(Maknae)

Your favourite T-ara member and why


She is pretty and talented


Her voice is really magnetic

Oh and she also has great leadership as she is the current leader of T-Ara

Your favourite T-ara song

Time To Love (Japanese Ver.)

A favourite performance

T-Ara – X’mas Live

Your favourite T-ara group picture

A T-ara song that makes you want to dance

Lovey Dovey!

A T-ara song that you find cool

Cry Cry

A favourite performance from your favourite member

Soyeon – Bye Bye

Something you like about your least favourite member

She is an overseas member

Qri is pretty and talented too 🙂

Your favourite dancer in T-ara


I like her facial expression when she is dancing!

Especially in “I Go Crazy Because Of You”

Your favourite rapper in T-ara


I like her rap in “Wanna Play?” the most!

Your favourite singing voice in T-ara

Soyeon of course!

I love her voice especially in Don’t Leave

Your favourite T-ara choreography

Sexy Love

The T-ara member whose personal style you like and why


Her style is really unique and she is the reason of why I love T-Ara

She is sexy and cute in any ways!

I love her signature makeup a lot!!

Your second favourite T-ara member and why


She is good in acting and her voice is cute!!

Even though she does not posses a powerful voice, her voice is soothing and calm

The most attractive thing of her is her EYES!

Your third favourite T-ara member and why


She has a good voice and she can act in dramas

Her sexiness is also comparable with Jiyeon!

A picture of your favourite T-ara pairing

#Jiyeon & Soyeon

A hot T-ara picture featuring any member(s)



#Jiyeon 2

Jiyeon looks hot in everywhere!

The prettiest T-ara member without make-up/with little make-up

It’s so hard to choose!!

Here’s my list

1. Soyeon

2. Boram

3. Qri

#Qri, Boram, EunJung

Boram? I guess :O

Day 22: Best legs in T-ara


Your favourite T-ara selca


Your favourite variety show with T-ara or a T-ara member

 A cute T-ara moment

Your favourite T-ara music video

Cry Cry & Lovey Dovey

Your first memory of T-ara

Bo Peep

My friend introduced me Bo Peep, a cute and catchy song!

Why do you love T-ara?

Their styles are unique. Their songs are catchy and addictive.

Some of their emotional songs are great too!

They are also very strong to face the controversy of Hwayoung 🙂

Anyway, this is the maknae of T-ara