1. When

❝ I start DotA since I was at primary six. ❞

2. How

❝ My brother introduced me this game!! Initially,  I play the game all by myself using cheat codes (-greedisgood 999999!!!) against AIs (bots). Form 1, I started to play with AIs without cheat codes but no improvements until when I was 15, I met my best friend, Michelle. She plays DotA on Garena. So I thought if she could play DotA online, why can’t I? I have no courage to play DotA online because I was afraid being scold by others. After few times playing with friends, I finally gained the courage to play it online and improved a lot even though I’m still a noob but better than before.❞

3. Why

❝ I like DotA because it is challenging, fun and I met lots of friends there. ❞

4. Do you play captain mode?

Not really. I’m just a normal public player. Yes, I do now ❞

5. Favorite Hero

Windrunner and Priestess of the Moon ❤ ❞

6. Favourite Item

Magic wand, Monkey King Bar, Demon Edge Black King Bar ❞

7. Favourite Player

❝ iG.Ferrari_430❞

-Update 10/1/2014-

This is a small update about my DotA life. I have switched to DotA 2 already ^_^ Hope I can earn more MMR ratings~

My current favorite heroes in DotA 2 are Templar Assassin and Luna

That’s all for the update!

-Update 30/3/2015-

I have switched back my favorite hero to Mirana~ I often use this hero to play support 🙂 It is a very flexible hero as I can use it to play support, offlane and carry!

I also like to use Witch Doctor~ A new hero I’ve learnt in 2014 :DD

My current favorite item would be Magic Stick and Aghanim’s Scepter (scepter because most of the heroes I play requires scepters now~)

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